Europe is faced with a crisis despite its peoples’ desire for improvement. France wants to take the path set by Jacques Chirac. Around us, everywhere, the states are getting organized to take advantage of globalization and consolidate their strategic positions. We can no longer remain outside this great movement of global reorganization. It is a requirement for our safety, control of our economic future and defense of our values.
Either we get the means to build this new political Europe or resign ourselves to turn our continent into a major free trade area under the rules of competition. In order to build a political Europe, we should become the bearers of specific projects:
 To establish a European economic administration. Hence, a discussion between the Eurogroup and the European Central Bank should take place to define, based upon respect for independence of the ECB, a true economic administration for the countries of the Euro area. Furthermore, we should think thoroughly of two big future problems, such as the rise of oil prices and our strategic reserves.
 It is necessary to maintain an independent agriculture in terms of agricultural supplies. Our agriculture, the second in the world, has provided us with a considerable economic power. Only the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) would enable us to deal with the future challenges in that area.
 In order to preserve CAP, it is also necessary to develop a research policy. I recommend to establish in France one or two European Institutes for Studies and Technologies. These institutes will be having the top international researchers, including research laboratories and innovative ventures. They will be available for all European nations.
 To increase European security through cooperation with the police forces and legal agencies. The G5 (Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Italy and France) is its spearhead. Regarding defense, the achievements of the last few years should be the foundation to establish cooperation ties even closer.
 To develop the European democracy. The support of the European peoples’ is required. Since several years ago, our identity has been built based upon respect for common values. I suggest, therefore, that together with our European associates, to think of the establishment of a true European civil service that would give the opportunity to each youngster to participate in humanitarian work or civil security in a different country.
The president of the French Republic has paved the way to the European Council of Brussels by reaching an agreement on the budget, including the agreement on CAP in 2002. Europe should not give up but take strong initiatives. Europe has become today the laboratory of new political, economic and social ideas of the world. Let’s give it the time to come forward. History restarts with it.

Le Monde (France)

Une nouvelle Europa polítique”, by Dominique de Villepin, Le Monde, June 29, 2005.