I am already happy to participate in G-8 Summit. I really like working with the leaders of these countries and especially with Tony Blair, a man I admire. The topics to be discussed satisfy me. We will focus on the development of freedom or the Israel-Palestine peace process. We will also deal with climate warming. I want to share my ideas on this topic. I know my decision with regard to the Kyoto Protocol has been unpopular but I already explained my position. However, the United States spends a lot of money in doing research about this issue. We must be less dependent on fossil energy.
_On the aid to Africa, the United States does not see its assistance as a simple contribution of cash but as a way of collaborating with this continent. Our alliance is aimed at opening our economies to this continent and opening the African economy to stimulate it. We also want our money not to be embezzled by corrupted leaders. The US feeds more of the hungry than the rest of the world but our contribution is not only official. We have a system that encourages private donations. As part of our alliance we have also been working with African countries to isolate Robert Mugabe and force him to leave power.
Since September 11 we decided to fight the jihadists who threaten our security. We decided to protect ourselves and we defeated Saddam Hussein. Since the jihadists want us to fail in Iraq and Afghanistan they gathered there to fight us. Usually, the Europeans see September 11 as a moment. For me, it is about a battle in a larger war. We are going to win in Iraq, we are going to capture bin Laden and we are going to bring freedom and democracy to the peoples of the Middle East. Blair was in agreement with my policy on Iraq because he thought it was the best solution for the free world.
_We think Iran should not have the possibility of acquiring nuclear technology. This country wants it to destroy Israel. We are working with the Europeans to prevent this from happening.

The Times (United Kingdom)

The Bush Interview”, by George W. Bush, Times, June 30, 2005. Text adapted from an interview.