Just after George W. Bush was awarded the presidency of the United States by the Supreme Court, the Prime Minister invited me to number 10 on Downing Street. I was shocked by Tony Blair concern, who feared that British conservatives would argue that only a conservative could work with a Republican to destabilize him. Therefore, he wanted to get closer to the White House more than what he did with the Bill Clinton administration. This strategy has gone so far that even conservatives can use Blair’s loyalty to Bush as an argument against labor party members today.
The Prime Minister can not even claim he works with a popular president in the United States. Bush has found out that, according to one of the occupation laws, there are more possibilities of losing the war at home than in the occupied territory. In view of this situation, the American president decided to say his opinions on Iraq in front of an audience of military that would have been sent to martial court if they had said they were not in agreement with what their Commander in Chief was saying. However, it can be acknowledged that Bush has shared his viewpoints with the American population. Blair has not done that. He just granted an interview to the Associated Press at a time that caught the deadlines of the papers in the US while missing the morning press in Britain that had no choice but to do it the next day. In the interview, Blair only talked about the debate in the US. _There is no debate in Great Britain despite the lies of the government and the evolution of Iraq. The country is turning into what Blair wanted to avoid. The Coalition forces are wrong when they say only the military option can be used to deal with the insurgency and by not admitting their presence is the problem and not the solution.

The Guardian (United Kingdom)

They have no idea how to win their war”, by Robin Cook, The Guardian, July 1st, 2005.