Tonight, President George W. Bush will give us his opinion on the situation in Iraq. Right now, the Bush administration is heading towards disaster in that country due to the absence of strategies to reduce the risks to which our soldiers are exposed and to increase our chances of success. The Bush administration has turned Iraq into the breeding ground for the jihadists. Today, there are about 16 000 to 20 000 of them in Iraq. It won’t be easy to change the American policy, especially with a White House that does not accept advices. It sent too few troops, destroyed the Iraqi army through a program of de-Baathification, failed to secure the ammunition dumps, did not train enough Iraqi troops and did not plan properly the post war situation.
_So, what should the president say tonight? First of all, he should say the truth to the public and stop pretending the insurgency is about to be defeated. He must keep in mind the United States won’t stay in Iraq for ever. He must reaffirm the United States will do its best to make sure the political process will respect the established deadlines. The aid of other countries must be accepted to form the troops in Iraq and set the deadline for the transference of power after the elections in December.
_It will take two years to form a unified Iraqi army. Meanwhile, ethnic militias should be used. It is necessary to create an international force to protect the Iraqi borders and neighboring countries should participate in this mission. With regard to the insurgency, it would be necessary to create public services in the Sunnite areas to improve the living conditions. If these measures are not taken, we will fail.

International Herald Tribune (France)
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