Mahmud Ahmadinejad’s election is the greatest revelation in 26 years of Islamist Republic. This is a most important event in post-revolutionary Iran.
Lying behind Ahmadinejad’s election there are two determining factors. Essentially that which has influenced his social speech. With this speech, Ahmadinejad has captivated both the masses and the middle class. He also has a flawless personal career and is known for his fight against corruption. His other win-win is counting on the support of the Iran-Islamist Abadqaran (the builders of Islamist Iran) - a group linked to the memory of Jomeini, who defeated the reformists in 2003 and 2004.
There are two more reasons why this election is so crucial. In the first place, reformists were completely removed from all sectors. The speech about Iran’s reform was pushed into the background, the social problems coming first. Furthermore, the Abadqaran’s progress shows the growing strength of a new generation of revolutionary leaders, different from the traditional conservatives without being mullahs. Maybe that’s the reason why traditional conservatives are Ahmadinejad’s strongest opponents.
The new president does not want to reform the Islamist revolution. He just wants it to reach its real goal. The Bush administration must admit that a change of regime is no longer possible in Iran.

Daily Star (Lebanon)

Ahmadinejad may end up being the clerics’ bane”, by Mahan Abedin, Daily Star, June 30, 2005.