The new Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has not wasted time alerting the world about his nuclear purposes. During his first press conference after his being elected - which resulted from a manipulated ballot - Ahmadinejad reaffirmed Iran’s right to have its own nuclear technology. He stated that negotiations with Europe would go on provided that “Iran’s right to use nuclear energy” was respected. The matter is that Europeans haven’t put any pressure on Iran. On the contrary, they are glad to help Iran more and more everyday.
During the last meeting of the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA), Vice-Director Pierre Goldsmith accused Iran once more of falsifying the reports, but that association has no political intentions as to sanction Iran despite the reiterated insistence of the U.S. ambassador. She (the U.S. ambassador) has always been rebuked by the German representative who, within the IAEA, keeps repeating Gerhard Schröder’ political thinking: of treating Iran’s breaches with increasing kindness. The Bush administration has rejected this logic but, regrettably, does not have the support of Germany, Russia, China or France at the UN Security Council. Nevertheless, time is pressing.
Iran’s nuclear program was presented again by Rafsandjani in 1985 and for 20 years Teheran has worked with Dr. Kahn’s networks - the Pakistani nuclear businessman. Since 1995, Iran has been able to benefit from the Russian nuclear technology, and then from the Chinese one. Currently, there is substantial evidence that Iran owns nuclear warheads. It will soon have missiles to carry them, which poses an emergency question for the United States and Israel.

Jerusalem Post (Israel)

The coming nuclear showdown with Iran”, by Kenneth Timmerman, Jerusalem Post, July 4, 2005.