If we believe what Islamits leaders living in London say, we would have no choice but to agree the attacks against Great Britain were imminent. This was extremely directed to Sayful Islam’s statements, the leader of Al-Muhajiroun, an Islamist organization in the city of Luton. However, a tacit agreement quite studied by Mohamed Sifaui between Islamists and the British government had been in force for a long time. According to it, Islamists were allowed to plan attacks in London if the target was not the United Kingdom. Thus, the agreement guaranteed the security of the country at a cost that had to be paid by foreign states. For a long time, Islamists described this as a “covenant of security.”
However, the agreement was ended with the implementation of antiterrorists laws passed after September 11. From that moment on, Great Britain was considered a “territory open for Muslim conquest.” To establish the “covenant of security” the British had to declare such law null and free the detainees. Since London did not do it, Islamists canceled the covenant of security. Let’s hope this marks the end of innocence and the British authorities begin to preempt terrorism rather than wait to become the victims.

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