With their usual resistance and courage, the British have begun to use again the public transportation in London. However, they will need more time to learn the lesson from Thursday events.
Above all, it is important not to analyze the new event by comparing it with what is familiar to us. We think we know the attacks in London because we have suffered the IRA’s; we think we know what war is because we remember the bombing of the British capital during WWII; we tell ourselves that to keep the same attitude we had in the past will help us to have the same results. But if we make a deeper analysis, we see that it will take more troops to defeat terrorists in Iraq than to defeat Saddam Hussein. This is a new kind of war and when we look at Bin Laden or the Taliban we realize we are dealing with something completely different from Sinn Fein or Jerry Adams.
The attacks in London can be compared with the attacks in Madrid even when the death toll were less. They were aimed at having a political impact. Thursday events are the price we must pay for resisting terrorism, theocratic regimes and tyrants that try to acquire weapons of mass destruction. The lesson we must learn from these attacks is that we must be prudent and alert.

International Herald Tribune (France)
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