I just came back from London, where I could see the cold blood of my British colleagues and their major concern. We knew that Madrid’s attacks were the beginning of a wave of attacks that fortunately our Spanish colleagues were able to stop. We have found a similar scenario in the United Kingdom. These attacks were not a surprise. They were inevitable.
It was difficult to investigate the facts due to the location of the bombs. The nature of the explosives seemed to be of military origin, which is a matter of concern since it implies there were contacts with the black market or the existence of accomplices in a military base. However, there were not clues of nuclear, radiological, bacteriological nor chemical elements, although the threat was real. It is known that substances like ricin have circulated in Europe and experiments have been made in Afghanistan, Georgia or Northeast Iraq.
At the moment, it is too soon to mention the identity of the authors, but it is impressive the similarities with the attacks in Madrid or the ones perpetrated in Paris in 1995 and 1996. In my opinion, investigation has to be focused on three areas: natives from the Middle East, Pakistan and North Africa. Mohamed Al-Guerbouzi, one of the founders of the Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group (GICM), has been targeted since quite a long time ago, because Morocco had issued an international arrest warrant against him. Yet, no evidence allows to charge him now.
In France, there is an approach between Zarkaui, in Iraq, and the leadership of the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC) in Algeria, two groups that want to internationalize the Jihad. According to the GSPC, France supports the Algerian regime; that is why it is a primary target. Iraq is today a central point in the world Jihad. In recent history, has there been any other country where dozens of people are killed everyday by the attacks, where the martyr is extolled so fast that disturbs people’s actions? In total, nearly twenty French have gone there. Some of them have been killed or taken as prisoners. Others have disappeared or returned to our country. Due to these reasons, it has to be well understood that what has to do with the British has also to do directly with us.

Le Monde (France)

L’Irak a relancé la logique du combat total contre l’Occident”, by Christophe Chaboud, Le Monde, July 12, 2005. Text adapted from an interview.