After the attacks, this phrase could be heard in Germany: “We are lucky not to be in Iraq!” However, we are in Afghanistan. History will tell whether it is a question of moral or not. The correct moral response, to say that we should experience in Germany a massacre like that in order not to be so hypocritical, would be to think of something highly inhumane. The specific German experience of terror shows that Kinkel’s initiative [1] and the rejection of the escalation were, among all wrong solutions, the most effective ones.
Schilly’s reaction [2]: “There is also here a pitfall, although not so severe”, was considered by everyone as sensible and reasonable.
We will hear now in Germany that the Muslims should be isolated. That reminds me of the call made to the German catholics to stay out of the attacks in Northern Ireland. Or we back the theory which states that terror using Islam as a justification does not have in fact anything to do with Islam, or we choose for the war of religions, which would certainly please the terrorists.

Die Tageszeitung (Germany)

Wie geht es uns, Herr Küppersbusch?” by Friedrich Küppersbusch, Die Tageszeitung, July 11, 2005. This article has been adapted from an interview from which we have taken only what is related to the recent attacks in London.

[1Former president of the Liberal Democratic Party

[2German minister of interior