The G-8 meeting where the most industrialized countries were gathered takes place two months before the World Summit of New York in which the leaders from the countries of the U.N. will meet to make decisions about the situation, security and dignity of all human beings. Five years ago, leaders from all over the world approved the Millennium Declaration that provided perspectives for progress, whose conception was further argued at Monterrey and Johannesburg Summits in 2002.
We know what to do to achieve the millennium goals. As of now till 2015, we can:
 Decrease in half the number of people who suffer from famine and poverty.
 Enroll all children from all over the world in elementary schools.
 Bridge the gap between male and female in all teaching levels.
 Reduce two thirds of infant mortality and three quarters maternal mortality.
 Eradicate AIDS, malaria and other severe diseases.
 Preventing natural resources from being exhausted.
In order to do that, the developing countries should consolidate a good governance and combat corruption. The donor countries, in turn, should contribute more, further decrease the debt and set up commercial agreements that would provide true opportunities for the developing countries. Furthermore, the G-8 will argue about climatic changes. I am happy for that, since unfortunately we lack of the international framework that might stabilize the concentrations of greenhouse gas after the year 2012.
Due to the above, there cannot be prosperity without peace or security. The developments after the adoption of the Millennium Declaration have darkened the perspectives provided and created more possibilities for the world to be involved in an environment of chaos and conflict. Therefore, it is important to build a world strategy against terror. We need to have a common concept about the regulations that rule the use of force and carry out a collective action that would provide a lasting peace and consolidate the state institutions in the devastated countries or in those under war threat. We will not have security sacrificing Human Rights as we might be tempted to do. Finally, the United Nations itself should get stronger and have the necessary means to carry out the assignments entrusted by its members in the areas of development, peace, security and Human Rights, democracy and the Rule of Law.
The G-8 countries should be among the states that would drive forward the U.N. reform.

Le Figaro (France)
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Renforcer les Nations unies”, by Kofi Annan, Le Figaro, July 6, 2005.