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Véronique Sà Rosas

Véronique de Sà Rosas is one of the leaders of the Secular
Maghrebis’ Movement of France, an essentially anti-Muslim
movement very related to the Union of Jewish Patrons of
France and the Secular Muslim Movement of France (which
supports Charles Million). This satellite movement of
the “Right” emerged during the campaign against the MRAP
and Tariq Ramadan’s invitation to the European Social
Forum of Saint Denis in 2003. His main activity is to
manage a web site that welcomes numerous “thinkers” of the
clash of civilizations (Alexandre Del valle, Rachid Kaci,
Jérôme Rivière), as well as some openly racist
pamphleteers such as Denis Greslin, manager of web sites
in liberty-web/sos-racaille.

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