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Current Concerns (Switzerland)

«Current Concerns», n° 20-21, August 14, 2015
Armed neutrality
230. Armed neutrality Zurich (Switzerland) | 15 August 2015
“The armed neutrality is the right system for Switzerland as a small state”. Reflections on the situation of Switzerland, Interview with Ruedi Lustenberger / “Switzerland – a rather unique model of success”, by Thomas Kaiser / The US will lose out to the axis Moscow-Beijing, Interview with Folker Hellmeyer / We need more advocates for justice and humanity, by Karl Müller / The Democratic Republic of Congo – amidst the East African Storm, by Stanislas Bucyalimwe Mararo / Harnessing untapped energy Blue Energy – a revolutionary innovation, by Heini Hofmann / We want to help children find their way into life. Instructing and guiding are the adults’ duties, Interview with Michael Winterhoff / Individualised learning – pretense and reality, by Rainer Werner / Will Curriculum 21 cause future apprentices to be less (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 19, 28 July 2015
Switzerland and EU
229. Switzerland and EU Zurich (Switzerland) | 3 August 2015
Bilateral negotiations Switzerland-EU. A lot of fog and little information about the plans of the Federal Council, by Marianne Wüthrich / Plea for an EFTA 2.0 / The mysterious chief negotiator / When will the referendum on Austria’s EU exit take place? / Europe needs peace – no new US troops, by Willy Wimmer / The July 12 declaration of the Euro summit is a document of failure. It is about time to consider a socially responsible liquidation of the euro zone, by Karl Müller / BRICS-states demonstrate, that the world is larger.../ “We are focusing on promoting a positive, unifying agenda in international relations”, Speech delivered by Sergey Lavrov / Major shock in the EU: The people are interfering! / “The right to live in dignity and decency”, by Thomas Kaiser / The significance of direct democracy to ensure social peace (part 4). The peace agreement of 19 July 1937 in the machine engineering and metal industry, by W. Wüthrich / “Liberty has become the principle of state that unites us (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 18, 14 July 2015
Views on Greek crisis
228. Views on Greek crisis Zurich (Switzerland) | 21 July 2015
Thank you, Greec, by Ögmundur Jónasson / TPP, TTIP etc. – “political treaties to abolish democracy and State sovereignty “, Interview with Alfred de Zayas / “The Troika itself created this deadlock...”, by Karin Beindorff / Truth Committee on public debt. Special committee of the Greek parliament Summary of the previous results so far / UN human rights experts welcome Greek referendum and call for international solidarity / The Eastern Committee of German industry calls for removal of sanctions. Redemption of sanctions should accompany the Minsk peace process and should not be placed at the end – 150,000 jobs threatened by export slump / Stop starving out the people of Syria! End the embargo, so that Syria can live in peace! / Take care of the communes – they lay the foundation for a prosperous coexistence, Interview with Hans Peter Gantenbein / The communal assembly, a direct democratic institution in the co-operative tradition / “Austria one step closer to a binding referendum on the (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 17, 30 June 2015
Greece and the euro
«Current Concerns», n° 15-16, 16 June 2015
226. TTIP and TiSA Zurich (Switzerland) | 18 June 2015
A major debate about the new trade agreements TTIP and TiSA is urgently needed, by Thomas Kaiser / “By means of TiSA the ‘service public’ will be abolished”, Interview with Stefan Giger / “Secret contracts are incompatible with our political system.”, Interview with Lukas Reimann / “Every joint deployment with NATO is questionable” – “Sabre-rattling against Russia’s gates?”, by Thomas Kaiser / Reviving the idea of sovereignty. A multipolar world needs rules for peaceful coexistence, by Karl Müller / Is the EU planning fast access to savers’ money? / Failure of the US coup d’état in Macedonia, by Thierry Meyssan / Where are the voices of the mankind’s humanitarian conscience? / On the significance of direct democracy to ensure social peace (part 2). Economic system and direct democracy, by W. Wüthrich / The citizens don’t let anybody fool them / Curriculum 21: media and computer science - and what about media competence?, by Bernadette Fontana / Enabling our children to deal with media, Interview (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 14, 2 June 2015
Washington try a "regime change" in Macedonia
225. Washington try a "regime change" in Macedonia Zurich (Switzerland) | 6 June 2015
What’s going on in Macedonia?, by Karl Müller / Despotism is certainly no peace concept, by Willy Wimmer / “... orchestrated not very subtly by foreign parties”, by Sergey Lavrov / Macedonia – Blueprint of “Regime Change” Patterns, Interview with Zivadin Jovanovic / When containment becomes dangerous for Europe, by Stefan Haderer / US and Russia are fighting for the energy market in Macedonia / The European Union is blind to the military strategy of the United States, by Thierry Meyssan / 20 years of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) – Free trade agreements under scrutiny. Investors and corporations benefit – the majority of populations suffers losses, by Henriette Hanke Güttinger / “Against the global dictatorship of globalised finance capital, its satraps and mercenaries”, by Thomas Kaiser / The importance of direct democracy for securing social peace World War I and the post-war period (Part 1), by Werner Wüthrich / Literature is culture ... and it should not be dumped. Peter (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 13, 20 May 2015
Propaganda and History of WWII
224. Propaganda and History of WWII Zurich (Switzerland) | 21 May 2015
End of the war in 1945 – the “Swiss Donation for the Victims of War” helps wherever possible. Excerpts from a 1954 history book for Bernese secondary school pupils committed to the truth, by Peter Küpfer / The power of moral standing. The end of war in Europe, by J. R. von Salis / The German Armed Forces must serve the will of the people. Challenging the requirement of parliamentary approval is directed against the lessons from the World Wars, by Karl Müller / Peace and cooperation throughout Europe, by Dr Habil / The “Arab” common defence force, by Thierry Meyssan / Yemen: ICRC and MSF alarmed / Switzerland responds to humanitarian crisis in Yemen / Attacks on civilians are prohibited under international humanitarian law / The OECD is muscling in mightily, by Reinhard Koradi / Agricultural policy must not be reduced to competition and open borders, by Reinhard Koradi / Secret negotiations on trade treaties, a threat to human rights, by Alfred de Zayas / Ambrosia honey – materialized (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 12, 11 May 2015
Human Genetics
223. Human Genetics Zurich (Switzerland) | 21 May 2015
Reflections on Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, by Erika Vögeli / A clear “No” on pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, by Susanne Lippmann Rieder / Arguments against the constitutional amendment / Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis: Where do we set the limits? The medically feasible urges society as a whole to answer fundamental ethical questions, by Christa Schönbächler and Stefanie Dadier / One cannot select one’s children, by The Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches / If the people decides otherwise – or might decide otherwise. Small tutoring session for administrative officers and other “experts”, by Marianne Wüthrich / TiSA – a secretly negotiated agreement with secret content, by Marianne Wüthrich / “A hopeful beginning for all Tamils”. Interview with S. J. Emmanuel / Security Council Resolution on war in Yemen not conducive to peace, by Hans Köchler / Colonial territory, by Willy Wimmer / Legend – Truth – oral tradition, by Gotthard Frick / An Eastern German commune and its citizens (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 11, 21 April 2015
Autria and the UE
222. Autria and the UE Zurich (Switzerland) | 21 April 2015
The West gambles peace in Europe away, by Willy Wimmer / War in Yemen: Blockade of emergency relief supplies a war crime. Message of the President of the “International Progress Organization” to the United Nations Security Council / Will Austria terminate their EU membership by end of June 2015? The petition can lay the groundwork for this if citizens get active! / Europe does not need a German “central power”. Political dimensions of the crisis in Greece, by Karl Müller / EU army clearly contradicts “Perpetual Neutrality” and the Austrian Independence Treaty. ÖVP treats Austrian constitution with contempt! / Germany’s actual responsibility regarding Greece. Greek reparation claims are entitled, by Dr Hanke Güttinger / Greece: Drachm or tragedy?, by Pierre-Gabriel Bieri / Greek reparation claims aganst Germany are nothing new. Supreme Court in Italy: Germany must pay compensation to Nazi victims! / Legal background of the Greek reparation claims / The International Committee of the Red (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 9-10, 16 April 2015
Unilateral sanctions violate international treaties
221. Unilateral sanctions violate international treaties Zurich (Switzerland) | 16 April 2015
Unilateral sanctions violate international treaties, Interview with Alfred de Zayas / Iceland’s way out of its financial crisis. “Do not listen to the financial markets, but to the people” (Olaf Ragnar Grimsson, President), by Werner Wüthrich / The turning point of Marignano and today’s Switzerland, by Marianne Wüthrich / “Russia is sending signals of sovereignty and independence”, Interview with Dr Vladimir Ivanovich Yakunin / It is essential to be informed. Four books about Ukraine, Russia and the West, by Karl Müller / “A civilisation that renounces its own moral ideals, loses its spiritual power”. High-level panel discussion at the UN in Geneva about the devastating effects of the persecution of Christians in the Middle East and Ukraine, by Thomas Kaiser / Who actually wants Curriculum 21,and where does it come from? / Who benefits from Curriculum 21? / Children need structured teaching directed by the teacher”, Interview with Dr med Elke Möller-Nehring / “The polytechnic secondary school (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 8, 22 March 2015
Solidarity against TTIP and TISA
220. Solidarity against TTIP and TISA Zurich (Switzerland) | 31 March 2015
“Solidarity from left to right” is necessary against TTIP and TiSA, Interview with Jacqueline Badran / Prosperity for all?, by Thomas Kaiser / “We would have to adopt future legislation automatically”, Interview with Roland Rino Büchel / The myth of free trade, by Reinhard Koradi / The politics of the Federal Council are increasing dependence from abroad. “Counter-proposal” of the Federal Council to the Initiative for Food Safety is extremely questionable, Interview with Rudolf Joder / Counter-proposal to the popular initiative “food security” – a sham, by Henriette Hanke Güttinger / Iceland withdraws from application for EU membership / Nobel Prize for Peace for Merkel?, by Eberhard Hamer / Russian sanctions: The front of the proponents is disintegrating / Birth hour and obstetricians of the Taliban, by Matin Baraki / Competence orientation under fire, by Rainer Werner / “Herzroute” – the world’s most beautiful panoramic tour. A picture book cycling tour through Switzerland, by Heini (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 6-7, 10 March 2015
The role of family farms
219. The role of family farms Zurich (Switzerland) | 16 March 2015
Strengthening family farms, Interview with Markus Müller / What can the free trade agreement TTIP accomplish? / The crisis of the United States is a manifestation of decline. An inner history of the New America, by Klaus Hornung / Water supplies in the Valais in danger. The power supply is a joint effort – it is important to take care of it (Part 2), by Werner Wüthrich / “Whatever solution you want to make, at the end you should go back to the people through a referendum”, interview with Bashar al-Assad / Gen. Wesley Clark: “ISIS got started through funding from our friends and allies”, by Daniel McAdams / Do unilateral sanctions violate human rights?, by Thomas Kaiser / Europe and Russia – who wants war, who wants peace?, by Karl Müller / “Putin is the perfect devil for the US and NATO”, Interview with Philippe de Villiers / Agricultural corporations appropriate the fertile farmlands of Ukraine / “For me it is important that every child can develop”. A visit to the Astrid Lindgren special (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 5, 22 February 2015
Dealing with the Minsk 2 Agreement
218. Dealing with the Minsk 2 Agreement Zurich (Switzerland) | 25 February 2015
Reason for hope, but also for vigilance The Minsk Agreement, Interview with Willy Wimmer / “An encouraging sign”, by Hans Köchler / For a new policy towards Greece and Russia, by Karl Müller / “German taxpayers have nothing to fear from SYRIZA”, An open letter to Germany by Alexis Tsipras / “Stability has long been undermined by actions of the Unites States and its allies”, by Sergey Lavrov / “Let’s stop to judge the Russians on the basis of our own criteria”, Interview with Dr Hélène Carrère d’Encausse / Regime change – endless failures by the United States, by Albert A. Stahel / The importance of state sovereignty concerning the energy issue, by Thomas Kaiser / “An important contribution to our power supply and to the independence of our country”. On the importance of small hydro power plants, Interview with Jakob Büchler / Water supplies in the Valais in danger. The power supply is a joint effort – it is important to take care of them (Part 1), by Werner (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 3-4, 13 February 2015
Switzerland Monetary System
217. Switzerland Monetary System Zurich (Switzerland) | 16 February 2015
Direct participation of the people has positive effects on central issues of the monetary system. Little known facts on the monetary history in Switzerland, by Werner Wüthrich / How the EU is trying to keep in line with the US regarding the sanctions against Russia / Greece and Ukraine ask for German solidarity, by Eberhard Hamer / Central banks took over business cycle policy, by Eberhard Hamer / A different economic thinking and economic activity are essential, by Karl Müller / “Medicine must not abandon its very essential task as the patient’s attorney to the economy”. A critique of the economic transformation of medicine, by Giovanni Maio / The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation – long-term and sustainable development cooperation. Switzerland’s humanitarian aid is of great importance for the people, by Thomas Kaiser / “Being fair to people’s needs in humanitarian crises”, Interview with Manuel Sager / “A lot of experience which goes far beyond vocational training”, Interview (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 2, 27 January 2015
Switzerland stops to support Euro
216. Switzerland stops to support Euro Zurich (Switzerland) | 3 February 2015
Return to a self-determined monetary policy The decision of the Swiss National Bank, by Reinhard Koradi / Geopolitical considerations at the beginning of the year, by Bruno Bandulet / Peace instead of NATO, by Oskar Lafontaine / World Politics 2015: Hoping for voices of reason!, by Yvette Estermann / Moldova in danger of repeating Ukraine’s mistakes, by James George Jatras / Communes have a right to schools. German Federal Constitutional Court strengthens communal self-government, by Karl Müller / “In the future only those regions will be successful which train good employees in sufficient numbers”. A conversation with the graduated mathematician Karl-Heinz Schmidt in Ilmenau, by Dieter Sprock / How Samedan taught the Flaz a lesson. First mountain river relocation – today an international showpiece, by Heini (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 1, 14 January 2015
Sovereignty of the state
215. Sovereignty of the state Zurich (Switzerland) | 14 January 2015
Giving priority to the sovereignty of the state, by Thomas Kaiser / How states regain their monetary sovereignty, by Francis Gut / Scrutinise your contract partners at first!. Or: What does “Erasmus” have to do with the mass immigration initiative? by Marianne Wüthrich / EU’s free movement of persons is no humanitarian project. A contribution to the discussion about the vote of 9 February 2014, by Dieter Sprock / “Curriculum 21 – cementing unspeakable reforms” “Introducing an additional radical reform called constructivism, if possible unnoticed”, Interview with Verena Herzog / “This self-organized learning consists of endless trial and error procedures”. What students think about self-organized learning, by Susanne Lienhard / The other Europe, by Karl Müller / Peter Scholl-Latour: “The Curse of the Evil Deed”. “The West’s Failure in the Orient”, by Rainer Schopf / Organised crime – trafficking human beings – crime scene Germany, by Dr Barbara Hug / About the necessity to consider the ethical (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 31, 31 December 2014
The Swiss Institutions
214. The Swiss Institutions Zurich (Switzerland) | 6 January 2015
In 1848, the founders of the new Confederation have designed a phenomenal system”. “The president of the National Council is a regular person, not someone on an ivory tower”, Interview with Ruedi Lustenberger / More social bonding, by Dr Annemarie Buchholz-Kaiser / Building bridges through honest negotiations, by Karl Müller / Austria : EU withdrawal referendum, by Inge Rauscher / “We appeal to the conscience of the governments and the civilian populations”, Interview with Hans-Christof von Sponeck / Stop Torture ! / About the mandate of state schools – Knowledge, skills and democratic values, by Elsbeth Schaffner / “Eleven friends you must be” by Sammy Drechsel, by Reinhard Koradi / “Die Leuenhofer” – a heartwarming children’s book by the Zurich author Ida Bindschedler, by Marianne Wüthrich / Syrian families seeking refuge – Hiding is not a game, by Isabel Rutschmann and Anton (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 30, 24 December 2014
The role of Switzerland
213. The role of Switzerland Zurich (Switzerland) | 30 December 2014
Switzerland made a very important contribution to de-escalation, by Thomas Kaiser / “Switzerland as a neutral country is perceived as a credible mediator”, Interview with Thomas Greminger / “Mediation is part of the essence of Switzerland – as are neutrality and direct democracy”, Interview with Roland Büchel / Reckless Congress ‘declares war’ on Russia, by Ron Paul / “Switzerland has contributed to the process of detente”. Joint negotiations with Russia, Ukraine, the EU and the USA, Interview with Filippo Lombardi / For the first time in Germany: A Call for Peace by prominent personalities in politics and business, church and cultural life, by Karl Müller / War in Europe again? Not in our name! / What kind of “community of values” is this? The US and Europe after the Senate report on US intelligence torture practices, by Willy Wimmer / Memorandum statement by the “550 to 550” on the revised version of Curriculum 21 / Parents, citizens and experts fight back against education cuts in their (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 29, 9 December 2014
Peace through dialogue
212. Peace through dialogue Zurich (Switzerland) | 15 December 2014
“Refusal of dialogue threatens world peace”. “International law is universal and must always be uniformly applied”, Interview with Alfred de Zayas / TTIP: Will politics capitulate in favour of the corporations?, by Eberhard Hamer / Pro memoria: Switzerland is a state under the rule of law with a constitution and civil rights. Who arrogates to restrict citizen’s rights has to explain his understanding of democracy, by Thomas Schaffner / “Federalism and Concordance – two key contributions of Catholicism", Welcoming speech by Ruedi Lustenberger / “C’est le ton qui fait la musique”. On the friendly-confederate interaction in the Swiss Parliament, by Marianne Wüthrich / The “Seville Statement on Violence” / Increasing youth violence – challenging the democratic state, by Eliane Gautschi / Scientific evidence on cannabis known, but ignored for a long time / Let us promote and maintain good books as cultural assets. The “Büecher-Chorb” (basket of books) – An example of a cooperative bookstore as a (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 28, 25 November 2014
Let’s strengthen our sovereignty!
211. Let's strengthen our sovereignty! Zurich (Switzerland) | 25 November 2014
“The Swiss people want an independent agriculture” Limiting imports could strengthen agriculture and national economy in developing countries, Interview with Rudolf Joder / Save our Swiss Gold – Yes to the “Gold Initiative”, by Olena Geissbühler / The end of the nineteenth century gold standard / “Share of gold in the SNB’s assets of 20% guarantees internal and external stability”. “We would be better advised to be dependent on gold then on the financial budgets of the EU!”, Interview with Hans-Jacob Heitz / “Appropriate gold holdings grant a high degree of independence to a state”, Interview with Gotthard Frick / Whom does the team in the federal parliament building serve?, by Marianne Wüthrich / China and the inconsistent geostrategic behavior of the US, by David P. Goldman / NATO desperately longs for Russian invasion into Eastern Ukraine, by Willy Wimmer / HarmoS and Curriculum 21: Not with our children! Popular initiatives in several cantons, by Marianne Wüthrich / Ghost drivers in the (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 27, 11 November 2014
The Swiss Gold Reserves
210. The Swiss Gold Reserves Zurich (Switzerland) | 11 November 2014
“Gold reserves are national wealth and no speculation object for politicians and central bankers” Yes to the popular initiative “Save our Swiss Gold”, Interview with Lukas Reimann / We citizens must watch over the sovereignty of our cantons. Strengthening of federalism is urgent, by Marianne Wüthrich / “The German people want to live in peace and in freedom with all the states and peoples in Europe and in the world”, Interview with Willy Wimmer / We need a war-preventing army again! Call to the Swiss people and the Swiss Federal Parliamentarians, by Gotthard Frick / “Building peace”. On Theo Dannecker’s exhibition in Adliswil, by Vera Ziroff Gut / “I have never regarded Switzerland otherwise than as having strong bonds with the world ...”, by Jean Rodolphe von Salis / “Miscanthus giganteus” – a renewable raw material for the future, by Pierre A. (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 26, 28 October 2014
Popular initiative “Save our Swiss Gold”
209. Popular initiative “Save our Swiss Gold” Zurich (Switzerland) | 28 October 2014
How large should our gold reserves be according to the wishes of the electorate, by Werner Wüthrich / Will the Swiss vote to get their gold back?, by Ron Paul / 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall – What lessons can be learned?, Karl Müller / Lampedusa – the southernmost lighthouse in Europe. Report from South Italy, by Heinz Werner Gabriel / The fight against terrorism may be conducted only on the basis of the rule of law and respecting human rights. Address by Cristina Fernández de Kirchner / Fundamental reflections on the cultural situation of Switzerland, by J.R. von Salis / The population depends on a healthy farming community. Great cattle show in Kirchberg SG, by Thomas Kaiser / “We are a typical family business, where all of us play their part”. “Free Trade Agreement deprive people in the affected countries of their livelihoods”, Interview with farmer Jakob Maute / Statement of the “Schweizerischer Schafzüchterverband” (Swiss Sheep Breeders’ (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 25, 12 October 2014
Washington wants to change the regime in Russia
208. Washington wants to change the regime in Russia Zurich (Switzerland) | 12 October 2014
USA – By way of Ukraine-crisis to “regime change” in Russia, by James George Jatras / “The Crisis in Ukraine is complex, critical and continues”. “Humanitarian aspects of the crisis in Ukraine – Briefing of the Russian UN mission in Geneva, by Dr Eva-Maria Föllmer-Müller / John McCain, Conductor of the “Arab Spring” and the Caliph of the “Islamic State”, by Thierry Meyssan / Once more they say the “good” fought the “evil”, by Karl Müller / Riots in Hong Kong, by Willy Wimmer / Today’s illusory boom is similar to that of the years 1923-1929 in many ways, by Eberhard Hamer / The complexity of the hunger problem. Since it is caused by humans, it can be eliminated by humans, by Thomas Kaiser / Regional small-scale agriculture against global hunger / For a humane, robust and sustainable economy, by Reinhard Koradi / “The small farmers worked much more effectively”. “Inspiring the next generation to continue this tradition”, Interview with Harald (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 23/24, 5 October 2014
The long Swiss humanitarian tradition
207. The long Swiss humanitarian tradition Zurich (Switzerland) | 5 October 2014
“Where there are conflicts, we have a very important role”. The long Swiss humanitarian tradition, Interview with Ambassador Martin Dahinden / Making the world more humane, by Thomas Kaiser / “Good contact to people who live in extremely difficult conditions”, Interview with Jean Mohr / Gold means independence. A “Yes” to the initiative strengthens the stability of Switzerland and thus our political direct democratic system, so also the economy and last but not least the banking centre Switzerland, Interview with Luzi Stamm / Neutrality must not be put at risk. Reflections on the 200 years of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Russia, by Jean A. Mirimanoff / Genscher criticizes sanctions against Russia / Geneva Ukraine Initiative. Business leaders from Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Europe, and the United States worked out common basic principles to solve the Ukraine conflict / “Expansion of the EU and NATO towards Russia must be perceived by Putin as a threat”. Panel (...)
«Current Concerns», Supplement to n° 16/17, 26 July 2014
Tribute to Annemarie Buchholz-Kaiser
201. Tribute to Annemarie Buchholz-Kaiser Zurich (Switzerland) | 26 July 2014
«Current Concerns», n° 16/17, 26 July 2014
Preserving sovereignty
200. Preserving sovereignty Zurich (Switzerland) | 26 July 2014
Swiss agricultural policy – a question of Switzerland’s security and independence, Interview with Rudolf Joder / Increasing food security. Setting the course for Swiss agricultural policy, by Reinhard Koradi / “In a stanchion-tied stable the animals have their own place”, Interview with Hansruedi Scheuner / Washington relaunches its Iraq partition project, by Thierry Meyssan / Stop the course of confrontation before it’s too late! Working for peace is the greatest act of humanity, by Karl Müller / Peter Scholl-Latour: “Europe accomplishes a policy of subjection to the US” / The “Martin Luther of Confucianism” – the importance of Kang Youwei and his students for today’s China China before Mao – an early clarion call for the awakening of the Chinese dragon, by Thomas (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 14/15, 9 July 2014
199. Negotiate! Zurich (Switzerland) | 13 July 2014
EU-ultimatum against Russia – another Rambouillet?, by Willy Wimmer / United States seek war with the energy weapon, by Eberhard Hamer / Ukraine conflict – propaganda and reality, by Klaus Hornung / The current situation in Iraq and Syria: Consequences of geopolitical mistakes, by Albert A. Stahel / “I don’t want to be one of those people who are afraid to act in defense of their principles”. Civil courage and true democratic spirit are contagious – the example of Edward Snowden, according to the book by Glenn Greenwald, by Thomas Schaffner / The hubris of certain brain researchers. Against dehumanization of the individual, by Eva-Maria Riester / Is this what we really want? Reflections on the basics of Curriculum 21, by Dieter Sprock / Children want to get to know real life, by Ursula Felber / On enhancing dialogue, trust and cooperation for a new Asia of peace and stability. Declaration of the Fourth Summit of the Conference on Interaction and confidence building measures in Asia (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 13, 24 June 2014
Switz neutrality
«Current Concerns», n° 12, 18 June 2014
In Commemoration
197. In Commemoration 24 June 2014
More social bonding, by Annemarie Buchholz-Kaiser / A life for humanity / On the life of Annemarie Buchholz-Kaiser from her family and closest friends, commemorating speech at the funeral service on 31 May 2014 in Dussnang / We bid farewell to Annemarie Buchholz-Kaiser (1939–2014) / “Annemarie Buchholz lives on in our hearts” / “Renunciation and spiritual honesty are inherent in all scientific work”. Law in history, by J. R. von Salis / Understanding history on a personal foundation as a vivid development of all countries and nations”. J. R. von Salis’ and de Gaulle’s “Europe of fatherlands” – a different mindset, by Annemarie Buchholz-Kaiser / Making the insights of depth-psychology accessible to everybody / On Alfred Adlers significance, by Friedrich Liebling / Depth-psychological knowledge of human nature, by Friedrich Liebling / The cooperative principle as the basis of Swiss political culture, by Rene Roca / Community building as an educational task. Reflections on the Kindergarten’s (...)

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