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STL: Washington has no alternative plan Beirut (Lebanon) | 27 December 2010
The Americans wars to pillage Africa / Iraqi parliament gives vote of confidence to government and Maliki keeps interior, defense and security ministries / Cairo announces uncovering of Mossad agents targeting telecom sector in Lebanon and Syria / Al-Bahsir: Islam will be the source of legislation if the South were to secede / The Israeli army deployed an armored division equipped with means to protect them from anti-shields missiles around the Gaza Strip / The tribunal, the indictment, and the attempts to save the reputation / Kandil: I have confirmed information about the annulment of the international tribunal and no indictment will be issued / British foreign minister: concerned about crisis or eruption of acts of violence in Lebanon next month / Erdogan warns against politicization of STL / Khamenei receives Prince of Qatar: any decision issued by the tribunal will be considered null / Israeli maneuver simulates fall of chemical missile launched by Hezbollah on Haifa / (...)
Beirut (Lebanon) | 4 June 2008
It is not an exaggeration to say that the summit, which the FAO holds in the Italian capital Rome, is very important, because it deals with an urgent problem that affects many countries in the world. Understanding the nature of the crisis, and its influence on millions of people the world over motivated the efforts and created more enthusiasm to cooperate with the exerted efforts, which aim at achieving peace and stability, not only in this vital area, but also in the world as a whole. Peace and stability are the most important conditions for achieving development, social and economic progress and prosperity for all the peoples of the world.
The press focused on this important summit and on Barrack Obama’s progress in the race to the White House to change its color for the first time in its history.
The press also talked about the complexes that hinder the formation of the new Lebanese government and the US interventions that aim at obstructing (...)
Beirut (Lebanon) | 2 June 2008
The press focused on president Bashar al-Assad’s visit to the United Arab Emirates, which was considered as the beginning of the Arab movement after Damascus’s summit. Damascus denied any Qatari mediation with Saudi Arabia and Egypt saying that the visit of the prince of Qatar to Damascus was limited to improving the atmospheres and exerting efforts to implement Doha agreement. Syrian sources revealed to al-Hayat paper that the Libyan leader Muammar Khadafi is working to hold a minimized Arab summit in Tripoli in June 10 and that president Bashar al-Assad will participate in this summit.
The press also focused on scandals of the Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert and revealed that the foreign minister Tzipi Levni was a Mossad agent. The press also talked about the communications for forming the new Lebanese government and the deal of exchanging captives between Hizbullah and Israel, which resulted yesterday in releasing the captive Naseem Nisr in return for the remains of Israeli (...)
Beirut (Lebanon) | 28 May 2008
The press quoted Arab diplomatic sources in Manamah as saying that president Bashar al-Assad has directly accused Saudi Arabia of working to overthrow the regime in Syria. The press also focused on the loyalists nomination of Fouad Siniora as a prime minister for the new government after meetings in which the loyalists decided to delay the option of Saad Hariri until after the coming parliamentary elections. The press added that this decision required an urgent visit by the Saudi ambassador in Beirut Abdul Aziz Khuja to his country where he consulted the high-ranking officials, returned to Beirut, and informed the loyalists of the proposal to nominate Siniora again.
The press also focused on the progress achieved in the file of exchanging captives between Hizbullah and (...)
Beirut (Lebanon) | 23 May 2008
Diffusing the Lebanese crisis and the success of the national dialogue has coincided with the resumption of the indirect peace negotiations between Israel and Syria through the Turkish mediators.
The press said this suggests that the area will move from explosion to solution and dialogue.
The press talked about preparations in Lebanon to implement the items of ad-Doha agreement and electing the Lebanese president. The press pointed out that the Turkish mediator between Syria and Israel has talked about the existence of a common ground for talks while the Hebrew state talked about painful concessions, believing that it is possible to achieve peace with Syria on the condition of giving up the alliance with Iran and Hamas and that the concessions should be (...)