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Lizzie Phelan

Irish independent journalist. She was PressTV correspondent in Tripoli during the assault of NATO.

New York Times interview with Lizzie Phelan
"In Lybia now the truth is coming out"
by Lizzie Phelan
"In Lybia now the truth is coming out" 4 February 2012
Irish free-lance journalist Lizzie Phelan reverts to her recent interview by New York Times reporter Robert Mackey. In this article, she elaborates in greater detail on the three themes discussed in the interview. She argues that, though labeled as "activists" and "firebrands", those journalists who express views going against the current when it comes to countries which are in NATO’s firing line are, objectively, in a better position to provide reliable information than their mainstream media counterparts. If today some Western journalists can afford to be more evenhanded about Libya, it is only because the military objectives have already been achieved. The grotesque coverage of the situation in Syria by the Western media is further confirmation of this. Grasping a complex reality does not depend on the amount of information accumulated in favor of any one side, but on the diversity of informed poins of view reflecting a given situation. As long as the political and (...)