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Low intensity warfare

“The Art of War”
Illaria: the stinging truth
by Manlio Dinucci
The Houla Massacre: Opposition Terrorists "Killed Families Loyal to the Government" 1 June 2012
The massacre in Houla is being blamed on the Syrian government without a shred of evidence. Based on the comprehensive investigation into the events carried out by Russian news channel Vesti24, this incisive report confirms that crimes against humanity are being committed by terrorist militia. The objective is not only to isolate the al-Assad government politically and economically, but to develop a pretext and a justification for waging an R2P humanitarian war on Syria. The US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice has hinted that, if necessary, the US and its allies may consider "taking actions outside of the Annan plan and the authority of the [UN Security] Council.” It is essential to reverse the tide of war propaganda which uses civilian deaths as a pretext to wage war, when those killings of civilians were carried out not by government forces but by professional terrorists operating under the helm of the US-NATO sponsored Free Syrian (...)
What Is Really Going On In Syria: Insider Update Moscow (Russia) | 30 January 2012
In this article Boris Dolgov, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Oriental Studies in Moscow, reports on his recent trip to Syria. His field investigation is particularly valuable since most of the information about Syria in recent months has emanated from Beirut, Paris or London. Professor Dolgov confirms that, far from a contrived "Arab Spring" scenario, Syria is undeniably grappling with the threat of foreign occupation. He observes that while the offensive is inordinately violent, the population will not be intimidated. Aware of the disaster wrought by NATO "humanitarian" operations in Yugoslavia and Libya, the Syrians refuse to be drawn into a sectarian ambush. A process of reform and development is on track, but it will not be dictated from abroad. In Syria, one may object to the president, but not to national (...)