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«Current Concerns», n°1, January 11, 2019
France — Revolt of the common people
319. France — Revolt of the common people Zurich (Switzerland) | 29 January 2019
Yellow Vests: Future scenario, by Myret Zaki / Urgent search for an industrial policy! by Jacques Myard / “The Italians would like to decide for themselves how to live”. Direct democracy of Switzerland is a landmark for the new Italy / The United States refuse to fight for the transnational financiers, by Thierry Meyssan / The purchase decision. How Macron became president … or why to prefer a reading lamp / Time to get out of Syria, by Eric Margolis / US President wants to pull out troops …but Germany, France and Great Britain insist on continuing the war effort, by Karl Müller / Right to self-determination, sovereignty, Lisbon treaty, by Alfred de Zayas / Framework agreement Switzerland-EU. Union Citizens’ Directive and ban on state aid as next heavy load, by Marianne Wüthrich / State economic development would be jeopardised, Interview with Simon Hirsbrunner / Traditionally and generous Switzerland’s immigration policy – determined by the people. Historical background, by Werner (...)