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Too conspicuous an interference
The Lobby Falters
by John J. Mearsheimer
The Lobby Falters 26 March 2009
Amidst the infighting of the coalition that carried Barack Obama to the White House, the Israel Lobby (AIPAC) managed to get rid of Charles Freeman as chair of the National Intelligence Council. For many years, Charles Freeman had been advocating within the State Department and the CIA for a Middle East policy more in line with U.S. national interests. He promoted the controversial book of Professors John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt; he was instrumental in clinching the oil contracts between China and Iran; he arranged to have President Ahmadinejad invited to Columbia University and, more recently, he voiced support for Richard Falk, the UN Special Envoy to the Occupied Territories. To torpedo him, the Israel Lobby mounted a smear campaign accusing Freeman of serving the interests of China and Saudi Arabia, which he could hardly deny without having to reveal his covert assignment with the intelligence services. However, the blatant efforts of the Lobby to undermine one of (...)