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«Current Concerns», n°6-7, March 18, 2019
The alternative to Macron’s “Appeal to the citizens of Europe”
324. The alternative to Macron's “Appeal to the citizens of Europe” Zurich (Switzerland) | 20 March 2019
Europe – federal-diverse, constitutional, democratic, by Heinrich Wohlmeyer / Resolution of the “Forum for Direct Democracy“ to discuss the Framework Agreement with the EU / I appeal to the UN to protect Venezuela from the US attempted coup d’état. Open letter by Alfred de Zayas / Yellow Vests: “The movement is legitimate and democratic”, Interview with Ivan Rioufol / Consequences of the bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia with depleted uranium in 1999. First International Symposium in Niš, Southern Serbia, June 2018, by Barbara Hug and Niels Peter Ammitzboell / The observance of the peace is imperative and responsible, by Willy Wimmer / The observance of the law on peace would be responsible, by Eberhard Hamer / Direct democracy – ideal path towards a peaceful Germany?, by Karl Müller / “Critique of Migration – Who Profits and Who Loses”, by Ewald Wetekamp / “Human rights must be lived”. Peace does not reign, peace must be brought about – Part 2, by Moritz Nestor / Introduction of the (...)