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The Treasure of Japanese Criminals
Golden Lily Operation
by Denis Boneau
Golden Lily Operation 8 November 2004
After the 1930’s, while the Japanese imperial army looted Southeast Asia, Emperor Hirohito launchd “the Golden Lily Operation”, aimed at recovering and hiding his war booty. At the end of World War Two, US general McArthur’s troops took hold of the treasure and raised funds to finance the struggle against communism. “Yamashita’s Gold”, considered a simple legend for many years, allows you to understand how the Japanese Democratic Liberal Party, despite the great corruption of its elite, kept an exclusive control of the Japanese “democracy” for half a century. This is part three of a series of articles on Japanese war criminals, their links with the Mafia, their political power and the American support they received to commit their misdeeds, under the pretext of fighting against communism. The history of “democracy” (...)