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Global war on "terrorism"

In 1980s, the United States and Israel created the concept of "international terrorism" to discredit the national liberation movements, accusing them of being tentacles of the Soviet beast. After the September 11 attacks, responsibility for quashing terrorism was taken away from the police and shifted to the military domain. For the Anglo-American ruling class, the "war against terrorism" had been envisaged as a means of affirming its control over trade routes (free maritime and air circulation), but it served the Bush administration and the Zionist movement to cloak their mistimed colonial adventures (Palestine, Afghanistan, Irak).
The same concept is used by the West to justify the setting up of an Orwellian surveillance society and by the Shangai Cooperation Organisation (Russia, China) to stymie the intrusion of the nomadic populations of Central Asia and to stabilise them by force.

 Argentina: the CIA and Mossad in an attempted “bloodless coup” Buenos Aires (Argentina) | 5 March 2015
The investigation into the 1998 bloody bombing in Argentina: from the very outset, it was manipulated by the US and Israel. For nearly two decades, they sought to accuse Iran but were unable to offer even a scrap of evidence. The former Public Prosecutor in the case secretly reported the unfolding of the investigation to US intelligence and discussed with them the direction the investigations would take. Now that this Argentine official has passed away, the US is trying to carry out a three-pronged dirty trick:
• First implicate an ever-inconvenient Iran;
• Second: orchestrate a “bloodlesss coup” against President Cristina Fernández;
• Third: the successful outcome of this maneouvre, would trigger a similar outcome in Venezuela. The aim? To weaken the countries of South American bloc that have halted US ambitions in the (...)