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USA: domestic politics

To the outside world, the United States pretends to be a model of democracy. But that is not the case. Fiercely opposed to the notion of "popular sovereignty", the Founding Fathers contrived an ingenious system whereby the people are regularly consulted only to legitimize institutions that deposit power with the oligarchy. Domestically, this system thrives thanks to a series of legal barriers that preclude the emergence of other alternatives and, if need be, through fraud including the use of unverifiable electronic voting machines. Externally, propaganda has served to obscure the incongruity of the institutions. The latter, for instance, prescribe that the president should be elected by a college appointed by State Governors (and not by national popular count, as illustrated by the Supreme Court in 2000 when it overruled the Florida people vote). Nor are we dealing with a republican system of government since it discards the concept of "general interest" as being totalitarian, favouring instead the preponderance of the lobby coalition. A philosophy that has led to the institutionalization of pressure groups, going so far as to legalize and systematize corruption practices in Congress.
Outside the limits of the twin Democratic and Republican parties, a protest movement has been brewing for some time. It picked up considerable momentum during the two presidencies of George W. Bush, whose swaggering style brought to the fore the police control over the population and the rising social injustices. While such opposition had formerly been labeled as "un-american", it acquired legitimacy by highlighting the violations of U.S. ideals at the hands of the U.S. Government itself, ranging from its colonial adventures to its torture policies. As a result of President Obama’s charm offensive, internal opposition was again relegated to the sidelines, despite not having obtained a response to any of their major challenges. In the midst of the economic crisis, deep social fissures dating back to the Secession War have started to reappear. They take the form of a tax revolt, a populist anti-Wall Street movement, or emerge under the guise of separatist tendencies and, last but not least, ethnic hostility. The potential of the United States to either reform or dislocate hinges on these contradictory movements and the balance of power they will generate.

Paul Manafort Reassures RNC Meeting That Donald's Posturing Is a Fraud Washington D. C. (États-Unis) | 25 April 2016
Trump’s Insults and Hooliganism Are Rooted in His Troubled Psyche, Making His Ability to Pivot to Serious Candidacy Doubtful; Cynical Etch-A-Sketch Moment Invites Comparison to Romney’s Failed 2012 Effort; Trump Voters Thought They Were Voting Against Lobbyists, but Trump Has Hired the Worst from the Black, Manafort, Stone, Kelly, and Atwater “Torturers’ Lobby”; Astor’s Puppet Andrew Jackson Beloved of Libertarians Because He Carried Out Their Perennial Program of Deflationary Depression, Bank Privatization, Dismantling Government, and Paying Off National Debt; Jackson’s Catastrophic Presidency a Key Cause of Civil War (1861-1865); Erdogan of Turkey Activating Terror Assets in West and Inciting Violence; Will Turkish Dictator Deliver October Surprise on Scale of Paris and Brussels for (...)
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National Revulsion Against Trump Reaching Critical Mass
by Webster G. Tarpley
National Revulsion Against Trump Reaching Critical Mass Washington D. C. (États-Unis) | 4 April 2016
September/October Surprise Plausible; Intelligence Community Factions Supporting Trump Are Prime Suspects in Any Terror Attacks Between Now and November Election; After Unhinged Comments on Use of Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East and Europe, Voters Are Increasingly Terrified by Specter of Trump’s Erratic Finger on Thermonuclear Button; Trump Mocked As “Zombie Candidate” and “Kardashian Candidate”; New Poll Shows Billionaire Disliked by 67% of Americans, Including 80% of Millennials, 80% of Women, 85% of Hispanics; GOP Could Lose White House, Senate, House, and Supreme Court; Cruz Leads Trump by 10% in April 5 Wisconsin Primary; Tax Wall Street Party Calls for Hillary to Debate Bernie in New York; In Wisconsin, Hold Your Nose and Vote for Bernie; (...)
 Republicans Splitting into Two Separate Regional Political Parties Washington D. C. (États-Unis) | 15 March 2016
Republicans Splitting into Two Separate Regional Political Parties, with One Racist-Xenophobic GOP Fragment in Deep South, Rural Areas, Intermountain West; Second Liberal-Wall Street Republican Shard in New England, Some Suburbs, Pacific Northwest / Neither Successor Will Be Able to Control White House or Congress; GOP Breakup Will Then Be Prelude to Democratic Party Split; Rabid Libertarians Demand Trump’s Dictatorial Rule with Police State, Torture, No Free Speech or Due Process; Extinction of Republicans a Momentous Event That Will Shift Political Axis of Entire World Several Points Towards Progress and Humanity; Color Revolution Capabilities of International Republican Institute Will Be Disrupted; Politics 101: If Confronted By the Choice Between Hillary and Trump Don’t Choose Sides, but Kick Over the Game (...)
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Sanders vs. Clinton
by Webster G. Tarpley
Sanders vs. Clinton 15 February 2016
Bernie Needed to Win Big with Knockout Punch to Project Momentum into Southern and Western States, but Was Paralyzed by Hillary’s Passive-Aggressive Big Lie Strategy; Obama Is Indeed an Historical Failure; Hillary Has Diverged from President on Numerous Issues – So Why Was Bernie Not Briefed to Reply Featuring the No-Fly Zone in Syria, Which Obama Rejects and Which Highlights Hillary’s Warmongering?; Whatever Happened to Her Classified Emails, the Subpoena to the Clinton Foundation, the Goldman Sachs Speeches, Her Role in Forcing the Libyan War, and Iowa Vote Fraud?; Bernie Must Attack Her as Blatant Liar from the Outset; Syrian Peace Deal Shows Potential for Russian-US Condominium; Liberation of Aleppo Imminent; New Derivatives Crisis Brewing; Sewer Mouth Trump Not an Outsider but a Fascist Tool of Wall Street Banks – Not an Alpha Male but an Epsilon Minus Semi-Moron; Main Justice Finally Cracks Down on Bundy Gang, Arresting Patriarch of Seditious Mormon Clan; Need Zero Tolerance for (...)
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Sanders and “Political Revolution” / Syria
by Webster G. Tarpley