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«Current Concerns», n°14, June 25, 2019
How EU and NATO generate crises
331. How EU and NATO generate crises Zurich (Switzerland) | 25 June 2019
Why are the teachers in turmoil?, by Claude Meunier-Berthelot / Test tasks in German 2017 for the examination of the basic competences (ÜGK), by the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK) / How EU and NATO generate crises and pave the way for wars, Interview with Ullrich Mies / By proceeding against Julian Assange, America will dig its own grave, by Karen Kwiatkowski / What exactly is the “Mittelstand”? Its importance for society and economy, by Eberhard Hamer / Should Switzerland automatically have to adopt EU law in future? / A more direct democracy in Germany (Part 3). Federalism, by Christian Fischer / A valuable cultural bridge. To the newly published art book “Julius von Klever - Maler am Mare Balticum” by Alfried Nehring, by Urs Knoblauch / About the pedagogical value of confidence, by Carl Bossard / Hilal starts to speak, by Ursula (...)
«Current Concerns», n°13, June 12, 2019
Towards extradition of Julian Assange
330. Towards extradition of Julian Assange Zurich (Switzerland) | 18 June 2019
VIPS: Extradition of Julian Assange threatens us all, Memorandum for the governments and people of the United Kingdom and the United States from Veteran Intelligence Professional for Sanity (VIPS) / What future for Brexit?, by Nicola Ferronato / The “good guys”, the “bad guys” and the war. A brief review of the EU parliamentary elections, by Karl Müller / How political culture suffers in Germany / Squaring the circle. Parliamentary commissions call for additional negotiations on Framework Agreement with EU, by Marianne Wüthrich / Border cantons demand reinforcement of Border Guard Corps / Switzerland has not become safer by Schengen, Interview with Barbara Keller-Inhelder / The Swiss militia system – a historical outline, by René Roca / ETH study – Neutrality at all-time high / Children and youth and direct democracy, by Rita Brügger / Power outage in Switzerland – big emergency exercise in Austria / A new reading book for family and school. Awaking joy of reading – With what and how?, by (...)
«Current Concerns», n°12, May 31, 2019
The Assange Affair
329. The Assange Affair Zurich (Switzerland) | 5 June 2019
“Whistleblowers like Julian Assange are the heroes of our time” / “Unfortunately, it is my belief that Julian Assange will not see a fair trial”, Excerpts from an appeal by Mairead Maguire / UN Special Rapporteur on Privacy seriously concerned by Ecuador’s behaviour in Assange and Moreno cases / UN Special Rapporteur on Torture says “collective persecution” of Julian Assange must end now / UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention expresses concern about Assange proceedings / Not only agriculture ends with the destruction of the peasantry, by Heinrich Wohlmeyer / Sovereignty at the service of peoples. Samir Amin – Perspectives for Africa’s independent development / Tremendous effects of the EU internal market? Bertelsmann policy paper confirms: The gap between EU countries is becoming ever wider, by Marianne Wüthrich / Building a residence with processing room and farm shop. Closer to Queen and Bear, by Max Hugentobler / Young people in Berne are championing the mountain villages / Freedom of (...)
«Current Concerns», n°11, May 14, 2019
How avoid war
328. How avoid war Zurich (Switzerland) | 28 May 2019
“We would like to avoid war – that is the most important thing!”. About the difficulties of overcoming prejudices, Interview with Pyotr Olegovich Tolstoy / “There is no sovereignty and no resistance without identity”. Supplement to the conference in Belgrade from the end of March 2019, by Fulvio Grimaldi / Military expenditure at its highest level / Protection of free will formation in direct democracy. Federal Supreme Court repeals a federal vote for the first time, by Marianne Wüthrich / An extraordinary Federal Supreme Court decision A discussion with Rainer J. Schweizer / The crux of the black and grey lists… recently also in the EU, by Werner Wüthrich / Cultural depravity – the core problem of mass shootings, by Bob Barr / Not a single problem is solved by marginalising the Germans as right-wing. Many questions arise based on the study of the political centre commissioned by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, by Karl Müller / Germany faces the social question again. The high price of global (...)
«Current Concerns», n°9, April 17, 2019
The Belgrade Peace Conference
326. The Belgrade Peace Conference Zurich (Switzerland) | 18 April 2019
“Stop confrontation, start dialogue!” Successful Belgrade Conference “Never forget – peace and prosperity instead of wars and poverty”, Interview with Živadin Jovanovi / Belgrade Declaration – Never to Forget: 1999 – 2019 (Excerpts) / Sanja – a greeting to the conference / “We need peace, so we should join forces, we should carry this in our hearts”. Voices from the Belgrade Conference, by Eva-Maria Föllmer-Müller / Uranium ammunition contaminates the world. A new book about a weapon that was a taboo issue over many years, by Gabriella Hunziker / Contemplating Germany. Listening and talking to each other, by Karl Müller / Johann Gottfried Herder. A fierce opponent of colonialism, cultural arrogance and racism, by Moritz Nestor / Brexit – Lessons to Switzerland. Great Britain and Switzerland are ready for free cooperation between sovereign states, by Marianne Wüthrich / “I am still grateful to Swiss Mountain Aid today”. Gstaad/BE: Construction of a new stable, recorded by Max Hugelshofer / Equal (...)
«Current Concerns», n°8, April 2, 2019
Can democracy be reduced to computers?
325. Can democracy be reduced to computers? Zurich (Switzerland) | 18 April 2019
Direct democracy is no computer game. Launch of the federal popular initiative “For a secure and trustworthy democracy (e-voting moratorium)”, by Marianne Wüthrich / On such an important question, the people must have the last word A conversation with Franz Grüter / Arguments against e-voting / E-voting can not examine whether the result corresponds to the will of the people, Interview with Hernani Marques / 20 years after 24 March 1999 – the NATO war crimes against Yugoslavia must not remain unpunished, by Karl Müller / From currency war to military war, by Eberhard Hamer / “The ultra-left is playing a decisive role in spreading violence”, Interview with Eric Delbecque / More direct democracy in Germany (part 1). Referenda (popular votes), by Christian Fischer / Work – necessary evil or fulfilment and self-realisation, by Marita Koch / The Cooperative Idea – A Cultural Heritage of Humanity / Mary Ainsworth taught us how to understand our children and ourselves, by Klaus and Karin Grossmann (...)
«Current Concerns», n°6-7, March 18, 2019
The alternative to Macron’s “Appeal to the citizens of Europe”
324. The alternative to Macron's “Appeal to the citizens of Europe” Zurich (Switzerland) | 20 March 2019
Europe – federal-diverse, constitutional, democratic, by Heinrich Wohlmeyer / Resolution of the “Forum for Direct Democracy“ to discuss the Framework Agreement with the EU / I appeal to the UN to protect Venezuela from the US attempted coup d’état. Open letter by Alfred de Zayas / Yellow Vests: “The movement is legitimate and democratic”, Interview with Ivan Rioufol / Consequences of the bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia with depleted uranium in 1999. First International Symposium in Niš, Southern Serbia, June 2018, by Barbara Hug and Niels Peter Ammitzboell / The observance of the peace is imperative and responsible, by Willy Wimmer / The observance of the law on peace would be responsible, by Eberhard Hamer / Direct democracy – ideal path towards a peaceful Germany?, by Karl Müller / “Critique of Migration – Who Profits and Who Loses”, by Ewald Wetekamp / “Human rights must be lived”. Peace does not reign, peace must be brought about – Part 2, by Moritz Nestor / Introduction of the (...)
«Current Concerns», n°5, March 5, 2019
The Munich Security Conference 2019
323. The Munich Security Conference 2019 Zurich (Switzerland) | 7 March 2019
Come down from your high horse! A review of the Munich Security Conference 2019, by Karl Müller / Peace treaty with the Taliban. Admission of defeat by the USA, by Albert A. Stahel / US and EU bury the INF treaty, by Manlio Dinucci / Are the US planning to attack Iran? / Dubious elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. No reason to celebrate, by Dr Peter Küpfer / Yellow Vests – prelude to new forms of representation, Interview with Etienne Chouard / Institutional framework agreement as an instrument of European state-building. Prominent Swiss personalities on the framework agreement with the EU (Part 2), by Marianne Wüthrich / The EU – a stocktaking exercise 2019. How 512 million people are being managed, by Robert Seidel / The lonely tractor or some thoughts on education, by Dr Eliane Perret / Events of the cooperative Zeit-Fragen/Current Concerns on the Leipzig Book (...)
«Current Concerns», n°3, February 5, 2019
Venezuela attacked
321. Venezuela attacked Zurich (Switzerland) | 5 February 2019
“The United States government must cease interfering in Venezuela’s internal politics”. Solutions can only be brought about through negotiation. Open Letter by Noam Chomsky, Laura Carlsen, Miguel Tinker Salas, Greg Grandin, Alfred de Zayas / US attempted coup in Venezuela violates international law, Interview with Alfred de Zayas / Reviving democracy. Direct democratic goals of the Gilets Jaunes, by Diana Johnstone / Theresa May’s error, by Roland Hureaux / The Franco-German Treaty of Aachen endangers Franco-German relations, Press release by Mouvance France / The preparations for war in Europe proceed: “Integrity initiative” and “Aachen Treaty”, by Karl Müller / Who is this demanding EU actually? Switzerland must no longer allow itself to be blackmailed, by Dieter Sprock / The other side of the coin. Supplement to the urban sprawl initiative, by Marianne Wüthrich / Vote to Self-determination initiative: Quo vadis, direct democracy? / From adjustment syndrome to mainstream obedience?, by (...)
«Current Concerns», n°2, January 23, 2019
Interpreting History
320. Interpreting History Zurich (Switzerland) | 29 January 2019
War and peace. The tasks of the historical sciences, by Wolfgang van Biezen / 1244 – A Key to Peace in Europe. Defending Serbia’s right to the province of Kosovo and Metohija, by Marina Colic / The yellow vests movement or the unhealed wound of the 2005 referendum, by Arnaud Benedetti / Lessons for democracy when looking at France, by Karl Müller / Legalising Cannabis – who will profit from it?, by Jürg Barben / Free-for-all in the cannabis industry?, by Werner Wüthrich / Reflections on the popular initiative “Stop urban sprawl – for sustainable urban development (urban sprawl initiative)”, by Marianne Wüthrich / Education in the service of peace. To the book by Sara Randell “Ending the War — Operation Sunrise and Max Husmann”, by Winfried Pogorzelski / Cooperative Medical Centre Town of Tengen founded, by Jörg (...)
«Current Concerns», n°1, January 11, 2019
France — Revolt of the common people
319. France — Revolt of the common people Zurich (Switzerland) | 29 January 2019
Yellow Vests: Future scenario, by Myret Zaki / Urgent search for an industrial policy! by Jacques Myard / “The Italians would like to decide for themselves how to live”. Direct democracy of Switzerland is a landmark for the new Italy / The United States refuse to fight for the transnational financiers, by Thierry Meyssan / The purchase decision. How Macron became president … or why to prefer a reading lamp / Time to get out of Syria, by Eric Margolis / US President wants to pull out troops …but Germany, France and Great Britain insist on continuing the war effort, by Karl Müller / Right to self-determination, sovereignty, Lisbon treaty, by Alfred de Zayas / Framework agreement Switzerland-EU. Union Citizens’ Directive and ban on state aid as next heavy load, by Marianne Wüthrich / State economic development would be jeopardised, Interview with Simon Hirsbrunner / Traditionally and generous Switzerland’s immigration policy – determined by the people. Historical background, by Werner (...)
«Current Concerns», n°27-28, December 11, 2018
The Kerch provocation
317. The Kerch provocation Zurich (Switzerland) | 14 December 2018
Ukraine stages new provocation in Kerch Strait: pursuing hidden agenda, by Peter Korzun / Once again the escalation is taken to a higher level. German-French arbitration offers not credible, by Karl Müller / When you want to sanction states, you call them “terrorists”, by Thierry Meyssan / Endanger nationalists and neo-Nazis in Ukraine peace throughout Europe?, by Matthias Erne / Extremist nationalism in Ukraine / Federal Council and Parliament show unusual resistance. Stocktaking at the beginning of the 2018 winter session, by Marianne Wüthrich / Rostock – Centuries of experience in dialogue with Russia, Interview with Roland Methling / “Children Accuse – Children-Victims of NATO aggression against FR Yugoslavia”, by Barbara Hug / “Austria’s peace message to the world”. On the national exhibition “200 years Silent Night! Holy Night!”, by Urs Knoblauch / Cooperative founded – Future of the Peter-Sodann-Library now assured.
Art Supplement : Theo (...)
«Current Concerns», n°26, November 28, 2018
Migrations as weapons of war
316. Migrations as weapons of war Zurich (Switzerland) | 14 December 2018
For a factual clarification of history, causes and effects of migration. A new book by Hannes Hofbauer, An Interview with Hannes Hofbauer / Sustainability and free trade – No to one-way liberalisation. Consistent approach to sustainable development, by Schweizerische Vereinigung für einen starken Agrar- und Lebensmittelsektor (SALS) / National Council and Council of States will vote on UN migration pact in winter session, by Marianne Wüthrich / Who in Germany has broken with democratic practice? The German Bundestag debated the UN migration pact, by Karl Müller / Critique on UN migration pact comes from different sides in Germany / The Brexit, the EU and British Democracy, by Nicola Ferronato / Thinking about Stalingrad means: Never again war!. Heinrich Gerlach and his novel “Durchbruch bei Stalingrad“ (Breakthrough at Stalingrad), by Werner Wüthrich / Colonial goods – success against the mainstream. Nostalgic grocery store with charm, by Heini (...)
«Current Concerns», n°25, November 14, 2018
Can international agreements override the Constitution?
315. Can international agreements override the Constitution? Zurich (Switzerland) | 14 December 2018
Self-determination – a human right, by Erika Vögeli / Accepting the self-determination initiative means strengthening direct democracy, by René Roca / Politics going over everybody’s head. With its hasty approval of the UN migration pact, the Bundesrat is losing its grip on reality / The UN Global Compact for Migration shows the urgency of the Self-determination Initiative / In the interest of all states: work for peace in Syria – now!, by Karl Müller / Joint Statement by the Presidents of the Republic of Turkey, the French Republic, the Russian Federation and the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany / The Silk Road and Israel, by Thierry Meyssan / The NATO Wall, by Yvan Blot / Push for a direct democratic reform of the economy. The People’s Initiative of the Social Democratic Party of Switzerland SPS of 1943 and further submittals, by Werner Wüthrich / A stage victory for pedagogical reason. Study by the University of Bonn shows the success of structured spelling didactics, by (...)
«Current Concerns», n°23, October 16, 2018
Washington and Teheran
313. Washington and Teheran Zurich (Switzerland) | 29 October 2018
Will there be a regime change in Iran?, by Matin Baraki / Macedonia: Failed referendum will be ignored by the “Euro-American leaders”, Statement by the editors of the French EU-critical monthly magazine “Ruptures” / Safeguarding the Swiss state model. Popular initiative “Swiss law instead of foreign judges” (Self-Determination Initiative), by Marianne Wüthrich / “The EU is behaving like an agency for the enforcement of global financial and power interests.”, by Dieter Sprock / What is needed in Germany – constitutional law instead of political propaganda, by Karl Müller / From censorship to the mainstream. Media and mass manipulation, by Robert Seidel / An alternative to nationalisation and globalisation. On the conference about the Principle of Cooperatives of the Research Institute Direct Democracy, by Eva-Maria Föllmer-Müller / “The historical knowledge of the meaning of direct democracy is essential”, Interview with Dr. René Roca / Why Beat Richner didn’t get a Nobel Peace Prize. On the (...)
«Current Concerns», n°22, October 9, 2018
Switzerland, a humanitarian spirit
312. Switzerland, a humanitarian spirit Zurich (Switzerland) | 9 October 2018
“It is possible!”. On the life’s work of Beat Richner, by Erika Vögeli / Pyongyang Joint Declaration / First and foremost the EU benefits corporations – not the citizens. In the field of trade policy, Austria should rejoin EFTA, Interview with Inge Rauscher / Just how mad have German politics become? Government is planning military operation in Syria, standing ovation in the Bundestag over absurd fascism accusation, strange campaign against the President for the Protection of the Constitution, by Karl Müller / The WHO Tobacco Framework Convention. An urgent demand for effective youth protection, by Rainer M. Kaelin / Wiki, who is that?, by Christian Campiche / Experiencing and sampling dual vocational training. SwissSkills 2018 in Berne, by Marianne Wüthrich / “Civil dialogue is and will remain a success story” Impressions from the closing event of the German-Russian Year of Municipal and Regional Partnerships 2017/2018, by Eva-Maria Föllmer-Müller and Klaudia (...)
«Current Concerns», n°21, September 18, 2018
Belt and road
311. Belt and road Zurich (Switzerland) | 22 September 2018
“Silk Road 2018 – A new approach to trading”. International Conference in Nuremberg on 25 July 2018, by Nils Opel / Intra-American power struggle – world peace in danger. Germany is still following in the wake of the US war alliance, by Willy Wimmer / Is there still a solution for the Syrian Idlib without too many victims? / Joint Statement by the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the President of the Russian Federation and the President of the Republic of Turkey / How to deal with Chemnitz and Germany?, by Karl Müller / The global market must not destroy our food security and our rural agriculture. Initiative for Food Sovereignty: substantive arguments, by Marianne Wüthrich / “No new state control instruments, but implementation of the existing regulations!, Interview with Rudi Berli / European Union and Europe are two different things, EFTA is forward-looking, by Winfried Pogorzelski / Jean Ziegler: Paths of hope, by Dr Peter Küpfer / “Political ideas come and go, the children (...)
«Current Concerns», n°20, September 10, 2018
Transnationals and war, peoples and peace
310. Transnationals and war, peoples and peace Zurich (Switzerland) | 10 September 2018
The Twilight of the War. The undermining of the right of peoples to self-determination by transnational financial elites will come to an end, by Thierry Meyssan / Peace chances for the Middle East have increased, A ParsToday interview with Willy Wimmer / What does the meeting between Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin signify? De-escalation and concentration on problem solving are the order of the day, by Karl Müller / Framework agreement with Brussels or self-determination of Swiss citizens? Direct democratic freedom of choice as a red line, by Marianne Wüthrich / Not only Switzerland has much to lose, by Dieter Sprock / “There is reason for hope” / Visit to a Russian children’s home, by Maria Koch / Burnout in schoolchildren takes on alarming extents / “Food, Education and Health for everyone”. An inspiring book for family and school / Vintners’ cooperatives in the Ahr valley (Germany) – a success story. “We do not have any generational or sales problems here”, by Gerda (...)
«Current Concerns», n°19, August 21, 2018
Food Security
309. Food Security Zurich (Switzerland) | 24 August 2018
Required – an uprising of the sheep against the death sentence of the dominant financial and trade policy! Food security must be raised to the level of a human right, by Heinrich Wohlmeyer / Yes to productional agriculture without agricultural free trade – no to further weakening of federalism / Fair-Food-Initiative and Popular Initiative “For Food-Sovereignty” / Federal competence for byicycle paths? How do we stick to federalism? / Politics still ignoring the people From secret diplomacy to media manipulation, by Karl Müller / Trump-Juncker deal: The big bluff, by Eberhard Hamer / How Putin and Trump put an end to the war against Syria, by Thierry Meyssan / The Nicaragua coup. Western politics and media switch to attack mode against Nicaraguan government, by Jens Bernert / More than 100 years ago in Panama ..., by J.R. von Salis / We empower parents to say yes to waiting for the smartphone / Rubber boots instead of kitchen apron. Cooking apprentices gain know-how in stable and field, (...)
«Current Concerns», n°18, August 12, 2018
Sovereignty and economic globalization
308. Sovereignty and economic globalization Zurich (Switzerland) | 16 August 2018
The sovereign state is indispensable – especially in a globalised economy, by Marianne Wüthrich / Safeguarding and expanding rights – securing prosperity / US domestic policy sabotages détente with Russiam by Hannes Hofbauer / Words from Helsinki that the world has been waiting for, by Willy Wimmer / The West’s fury and bitterness about Russia’s successes; Following on from the modest movement towards détente achieved at the Putin-Trump meeting, what next?, by Brian Cloughley / French major enterprises have to abandon their commercial activities in Iran, by Hayat Gazzane / Is “Antifa” the German mainstream? This is no way for the country to come to rest, by Karl Müller / Driving bans for diesel? A plea for more objectivity, by Rainer Schopf / Why I like to be a Swiss, by Wolfgang van Biezen / The value of language teaching for the preservation of the ancient languages, by Thibault Mercuzot, Delphine le Corfec and Patrick (...)
«Current Concerns», n°17, July 25th, 2018
What happened to Russia and the USA?
307. What happened to Russia and the USA? Zurich (Switzerland) | 16 August 2018
“Let us not accept Russia’s turning to Asia”, by Hélène Carrère d’Encausse / USA and Germany after the NATO summit in Brussels / Politicians and their personal stance, by Karl Müller / President Putin, Russian federation – and president Trump, divided states of America, by Willy Wimmer / Trump and Germany’s path to a regulatory power, by Henrik Paulitz / The dollar as a universal power, by René Zeyer / Plain language required instead of diversion! Negotiations Switzerland – EU: Status before the summer break, by Marianne Wüthrich / Sweden— security guards at school, by Inger Enkvist / “Questions are the antechambers of knowledge”, by Carl Bossard / The Gotthard stagecoach. The most beautiful vehicle in Switzerland, by Heini Hofmann.
«Current Concerns», n°15-16, July 13th, 2018
Can a bank fight against the financialisation of the economy?
306. Can a bank fight against the financialisation of the economy? Zurich (Switzerland) | 14 July 2018
The Raiffeisenbanks in Switzerland and the principle of cooperation, by René Roca / Summit of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin / “The purpose of Raiffeisen is the common self-help” Felix Walker calls for the bank to return to its cooperative roots, by Georg Koch / What can Germany hope for?, by Karl Müller / Europeans should not follow the American sanctions against Iran!, by Roland Hureaux / Angela Merkel definitely rejects Emmanuel Macron’s United States of Europe, by Alain Morau / The front against Russia is caving in, by Eberhard Hamer / “Working for human rights takes patience, perseverance and passion”, Interview with Alfred de Zayas / Alfred de Zayas’ 23 principles of international order / More than a well-founded plea against German war policy. Willy Wimmer’s new book „Germany in Upheaval“, by Johannes Irsiegler / EU-Europe faces a self-inflicted shambles, by Willy Wimmer / Human trafficking and sexual slavery along the Danube, by Barbara Hug / The need for ethical and moral (...)
«Current Concerns», n°14, June 29th, 2018
Confrontation against Russia
305. Confrontation against Russia Zurich (Switzerland) | 1 July 2018
Sanctions from the perspective of International Law, by Hans Köchler / Why should Germany lead in a confrontation with Russia?, by Karl Müller / Joint Statement at the Singapore Summit on 12 June 2018 / Everybody wants to set the course towards understanding and peace / Italy wants to see the sanctions against Russia ending, by Daniele Pozzati / Institutional Framework Agreement Switzerland-EU – strategy or confusion?, by Marianne Wüthrich / What does “the adoption of EU legislation”mean? Concrete examples / Cross-border commuter financing as the next stumbling block / Winterkorn: Peak salaries no longer without liability, by Eberhard Hamer / How powerful is geography? / The New Hambach Festival 2018, by Klaudia and Tankred Schaer / All education comes from doing, by Carl Bossard / Why marijuana is played down and who makes money from it, by Gabriella Hunziker / Hornets are better than their reputation. The exterminator is not always needed!, by Heini (...)
«Current Concerns», n°13, June 16th, 2018
The humanitarian consequences of sanctions against Syria
304. The humanitarian consequences of sanctions against Syria Zurich (Switzerland) | 18 June 2018
UN-Expert: Unilateral coercive measures exacerbate humanitarian crisis in Syria, by Idriss Jazairy / It can only work on equal terms. Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un: prior to the meeting on June 12 in Singapore, by Willy Wimmer / History of a media campaign: The Geneva affair around the Syrian white helmets, by Guy Mettan / Against the arrogation of power by the “markets”. Freedom, the rule of law and democracy are the responsibility of the citizens, by Karl Müller / From the currency union to a debt union – via a union based on joint liabilities, by Eberhard Hamer / A framework agreement some time ago. The USA intervenes - Switzerland comes under pressure, by Werner Wüthrich / A visit to our twin town of Gatchina, by Doris and Gerhard Feigenbutz / Reading pleasure, cultural and knowledge transfer. On the importance of the Swiss Youth Literature, SJW, by Renate (...)
«Current Concerns», n°11-12, June 3rd, 2018
Sanctions, War, and Law
303. Sanctions, War, and Law Zurich (Switzerland) | 4 June 2018
Korea and the power interests of geopolitics. Some fragments on the history of the Korean peninsula, by Erika Vögeli and Peter Hediger / Panmunjeom Declaration for Peace, Prosperity and Unification of the Korean Peninsula / Panmunjeom: From an icon of division to an icon of peace / Wars of aggression are criminal offenses. Persons who wage a war of aggression render themselves personally liable to prosecution / Swiss mission in Korea. Swiss army members for the two commissions NNRC and NNSC / Reminding the state and the citizens of the basic principles of the constitution. Germany’s perspectives in a world that has fallen apart, by Karl Müller / How the project Nord Stream 2 became a game of power poker, by Bruno Bandulet / Battlefield Nord Stream 2, by Prof Dr Eberhard Hamer / Between left-green hegemony and radical Pegida movement. Ulrich Greiner: A return to the foundations of our culture, by Winfried Pogorzelski / The postage stamp as cultural property and micro-artwork. For the (...)
«Current Concerns», n°10, May 17th, 2018
Which relations between Switzerland and the EU?
302. Which relations between Switzerland and the EU? Zurich (Switzerland) | 22 May 2018
Straighten up EU-Switzerland relations. “Switzerland does not need a framework agreement with the European Union”; by Felix W. Zulauf / “Federal Council hampers small hydro power plants development”, by Marianne Wüthrich / Swiss agricultural policy – what next? / How Switzerland saved itself. Fundamental book on the history of Switzerland in the Second World War / A framework agreement with the EU, which is almost unknown to the public... The previous history; by Werner Wüthrich / “To facilitate the emergence of a community of common destiny”. Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) take position to sensitive issues of world politics / The NATO states need to change their business model, by Karl Müller / Military strike against Syria must be brought to the International Criminal Court, by Eva Maria Barki / “Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Global Politics”, by Wolfgang van Biezen / Basics of a personal common (...)
«Current Concerns», n°9, May 2nd, 2018
After the tripartite aggression of Syria
301. After the tripartite aggression of Syria Zurich (Switzerland) | 6 May 2018
Backgrounds to the crisis in Venezuela, by Alfred de Zayas / “We have to stop wars”, Interview with David Beasley / “If we don’t want a war, there is no way around a policy of détente”, Interview with Gabriele Krone-Schmalz / USA – Declaration Against the Expansion of the Syrian War / France cannot be proud of bombing Syria. The French want a strong leadership, but an independent one, by Roland Hureaux / No reason to rise the all-clear signal, by Karl Müller / We must not let ourselves thoughtlessly being drifted into war. Prudent British voices on the crisis over Syria / The digital transformed and individualised school – an economistic concept without any pedagogical foundation, by Marianne Wüthrich / Natural law and popular sovereignty – important elements of democracy in Switzerland (part 2). Ignaz Paul Vital Troxlers conception of democracy, by René Roca / Nursing – an eternal profession, by Moritz Nestor / Even in medicine it depends on the concept of man. An important book: “Allergien (...)
«Current Concerns», n°8, April 18, 2018
The anti-Russian hysteria
300. The anti-Russian hysteria Zurich (Switzerland) | 24 April 2018
German-Russian town twinning – a contribution to international understanding and peace. 30th anniversary of the partnership between Volgograd and Chemnitz, by Eva-Maria Föllmer-Müller, Klaudia Kruck-Schaer and Tankred Schaer / Harassment around the Electricity Agreement Switzerland – EU, by Ernst Pauli / A voice of humanity. Farewell to SRF foreign correspondent Iren Meier / The Skripal Incident – Another Anti-Russian Provocation, by Christopher Black / Learning from history! Germany needs to improve its relationship with Russia, by Karl Müller / Germany is the country in which the conflict would be carried out militarily, by Sigmar Gabriel / Disturbing acts of political vigilante justice, by Frank Elbe / Switzerland does not expel Russian diplomats / Cain, where is your brother Abel?, by Moritz (...)
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