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10 de julio de 2014

Negotiating peace or al-Assad’s departure?
Negotiating peace or al-Assad's departure? 11 March 2012
The diplomatic efforts of U.N.-Arab League Special Envoy Kofi Annan, on the one hand, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, on the other hand, are running into the blatant bad faith of Qatar, France and their protégés.
Mr. Annan could not initiate mediation between the Syrian National Council and the Syrian presidency because the SNC demands that President Bashar al-Assad’s should first resign and be replaced by his Vice President. In any event, Kofi Annan was able to meet and speak at length with President al-Assad. The president laid emphasis on the fact that no effort will be successful as long as armed groups continue to foment chaos in the country. On his part, he declared himself open to any constructive proposal. According to the Gulf-based press, Kofi Annan has suffered a setback since he failed to convince al-Assad to resign, but that goal is not part of his mandate.
Lavrov met with his counterparts from the Arab League in Cairo. They agreed on five general (...)
Kuczynski, the “Lima Group”, Venezuela and the Eighth Summit of the Americas Panama (Panama) | 7 July 2018
“The Venezuelan President will not set foot on our soil or enter the air space of Peru”. This is what the President of Peru, correction, former President of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, declared just a little while ago. Trapped in a scheme of international corruption which binds him to the now famous “Odebrecht Case”, Kuczynski will not attend the Summit of the Americas scheduled to take place in Peru mid-April. For Julio Yao, the Panaman and Diplomatic Analyst, the resignation of the Peruvian President, which occurred only a few hours ago, is endangering the manoeuvre plotted around the so-called Lima Group against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, whose President, Nicolas Maduro, playfully asked this Thursday, in a televised appearance: “Who then is going to receive me in (...)
Venezuela, an impossible intervention Panama (Panama) | 3 March 2018
After violently criticizing the Venezuelan government and its president Nicolás Maduro, after making a further request for the presidential election to be brought forward, the Lima Group, which consists of 12 states, all of which are members of the Organization of American States (OAS), has now made a statement against the early presidential election that Caracas has just called for. This inconsistency on the part of the Lima Group is part of the US’s international campaign against the Bolivarian Republic. A psy-ops seeking to make us think that the country of Hugo Chávez is sinking; that a humanitarian crisis has erupted there on a scale that opens the door to the legitimacy of “humanitarian intervention”. A diplomat from Panama, Julio Yao presents a series of arguments to negate (...)
Brazil and Lula: Between sovereignty, constituent power and might Panama (Panama) | 6 April 2018
There is nothing new about what is happening today in Brazil where President Dilma Roussef was impeached by the Senate and “Lula” da Silva, the former president who is aspiring once again to be elected president, is very soon to be put in jail. There is no novelty because other Latin American leaders have been removed from power in this way, violating popular sovereignty. This method is being applied, perhaps with greater finesse, throughout the rest of the world. Thus it was used in Iran – when the former president Mahmud Ahmadinejad tried to stand in the Presidential elections – and in France, where the candidacy of a former Prime Minister was blown to bits by a series of accusations and judicial proceedings taken against him only days of the Presidential Elections. In each of these instances, the Judicial System was manipulated to work against People’s (...)