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«Current Concerns», n° 35-36, 8 december 2013
Referendum against US FATCA !
184. Referendum against US FATCA ! Zurich (Switzerland) | 8 December 2013
Referendum against US FATCA: Muster the courage to say “no” / FATCA has serious disadvantages for Switzerland, by Hans Geiger / Bush officials targeted ex-chief of Nobel Prize-winning agency, by Marlise Simons / US global monitoring system serves primarily economic imperialism, by Prof Dr Eberhard Hamer / Why should the Germans not be able to decide direct-democratically?, by Karl Müller / Instead of artificially producing “special needs students”– return to remedial teaching, by Eliane Gautschi and Henriette Hanke Güttinger / DSM – ICD – ICF – classify first, then manage! / Another international expert calls ADHD an invention, by Moritz Nestor / New special needs school concepts are instruments of change / The power of empathy leading the way. Impact of positive and negative expectations on the development of children, by Corinna Schmied and Renate Caesar / Radioactivity and cancer, by Ernst Pauli / A child finds its way into life, by Andreas Bau / The smallest domestic carnivores Ermine (...)