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Washington admits Bashar al-Assad's ouster not on the cards 17 February 2012
After hearing the terrifying report by the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the UN General Assembly condemned the repression in Syria by 137 votes in favor, 12 against and 17 abstentions.
After Homs and Hama, the Syrian Army has taken back Deraa. The survivors of the Wahhabi Legion have regrouped in the north. It is to soon to tell whether they will flee to Turkey or launch a final battle in Idlib.
The Director of US Intelligence, James Clapper, has attributed the attacks in Damascus and Aleppo to al-Qaeda. On his part, the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Ronald Burgess, stated that the Assad regime will not fall because it is cohesive and has regained control of the large cities it had lost, while his opposition is disunited and without a strategy.
The Chinese Vice Foreign Minister, Zhai Jun, intends to continue to play a mediation role in the crisis. He traveled to Damascus to meet President al-Assad after Syrian opponents were received in (...)