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The war party is falling apart
The war party is falling apart 10 January 2012
The Muslim Brotherhood has officially denounced the Arab League observer mission, claiming that its presence is giving the Bashar al-Assad regime extra time. Such statements coincide with the position of the Qatari authorities who unsuccessfully attempted to shorten the mission, arguing that if the observers did not back up their information it was because they were being shrewdly manipulated by the regime.
Moreover, the Western and Gulf press cite the observers’ preliminary report by twisting is meaning. The continuing violence to which the mission bears witness is typified as an ongoing repression, when the observers linked the violence to the armed groups infiltrating the country.
In his annual address to the diplomatic corps accredited to the Holy See, Pope Benedict XVI allusively expressed concern about the possible threat to religious freedom posed by the Salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab world.
At a televised news conference, the Turkish Prime Minister (...)
Kuczynski, the “Lima Group”, Venezuela and the Eighth Summit of the Americas Panama (Panama) | 7 July 2018
“The Venezuelan President will not set foot on our soil or enter the air space of Peru”. This is what the President of Peru, correction, former President of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, declared just a little while ago. Trapped in a scheme of international corruption which binds him to the now famous “Odebrecht Case”, Kuczynski will not attend the Summit of the Americas scheduled to take place in Peru mid-April. For Julio Yao, the Panaman and Diplomatic Analyst, the resignation of the Peruvian President, which occurred only a few hours ago, is endangering the manoeuvre plotted around the so-called Lima Group against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, whose President, Nicolas Maduro, playfully asked this Thursday, in a televised appearance: “Who then is going to receive me in (...)