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«Current Concerns», n°9, May 2nd, 2018
After the tripartite aggression of Syria
301. After the tripartite aggression of Syria Zurich (Switzerland) | 6 May 2018
Backgrounds to the crisis in Venezuela, by Alfred de Zayas / “We have to stop wars”, Interview with David Beasley / “If we don’t want a war, there is no way around a policy of détente”, Interview with Gabriele Krone-Schmalz / USA – Declaration Against the Expansion of the Syrian War / France cannot be proud of bombing Syria. The French want a strong leadership, but an independent one, by Roland Hureaux / No reason to rise the all-clear signal, by Karl Müller / We must not let ourselves thoughtlessly being drifted into war. Prudent British voices on the crisis over Syria / The digital transformed and individualised school – an economistic concept without any pedagogical foundation, by Marianne Wüthrich / Natural law and popular sovereignty – important elements of democracy in Switzerland (part 2). Ignaz Paul Vital Troxlers conception of democracy, by René Roca / Nursing – an eternal profession, by Moritz Nestor / Even in medicine it depends on the concept of man. An important book: “Allergien (...)
144. It's not for the first time that US authorities are using their power to promote their business Zurich (Switzerland) | 5 November 2012
« “It’s not for the first time that US authorities are using their power to promote their business” » / « “Centralism is contrary to human dignity”», Interview with National Councillor Pirmin Schwander / «The problems with the flu vaccines don’t stop » / «The Epizootic Diseases Act invalidates basic democratic and federal principles of our state», Interview with National Councillor Jakob Büchler / « President of the German Federal Fiscal Court warns German tax authorities against criminalizing citizens » / «The citizen as sovereign shaping political life» /«“Australia’s destiny in the Asian Century”», by Kishore Mahbubani / «“We know very well that there is no dictatorship in Venezuela“», Interview with Walter Suter / « “In Latin America agricultural cooperatives are competitive” », by Marianela Jarroud / « “The too frequent use of digital media reduces the mental capacity of our children” », by Dr Rudolf (...)
« Current Concerns», n° 25, 18 June 2012
A kick against rubbish
126. A kick against rubbish Zurich (Switzerland) | 18 June 2012
« Remove PISA and Bologna / Withdraw competence from Schneider-Ammann Department /Decision rights on school and education back to the cantons where they are incorporated in the constitution and accessible to direct-democratic control » , by Sandra Buchser / « “Would you like to have a little neuro-linguistic soul-massage about schools and education”? » , by Dr phil. Judith Barben / « The green-red “Gemeinschaftsschule”1 project in Baden-Wuerttemberg » , by Karl Müller / «Nato goes to war – expecting everyone to march along » , by Karl Müller / «Courage of Conscience » , by Hans-C. von Sponeck/ « Federal Councilor Burkhalter – a compliant NATO-helper? » / « Statements from the Federal Parliament Building on the visit of Federal Councilor Burkhalter to NATO in Chicago » , Interview with National Councilor Carlo Sommaruga / « “We have no business with NATO“ », Interview with National Councilor Jakob Büchler / « “NATO-Cyber-Defense” = Digital First Strike? » / « “NATO not a good partner for Switzerland” » / (...)