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Miroslav Lazanski

Born in 1950 in Karlovac, Croatia. Graduated from the Faculty of Law in Zagreb, where he began his career in journalism. After having worked for a number of newspapers and magazines, he began writing for the Serbian daily Politika in 1991, and still works there today. He has worked as a reporter in Syria, Afghanistan, Chechnya, the Congo, Irak, Iran, Lebanon, Yemen and Libya. He has interviewed personalities from NATO, Russia, about fifty Foreign Ministers, and top-level military officials from Russia, China and Japan. He is the only Yugoslavian journalist to have sailed on the atomic submarine USS Tautog, flown in an F-14, visited the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy, and flown in a Mig-29. He has been invited to military academies in Russia, Japan, the United States, Australia, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Rumania, and others. He wrote columns for the Greek newspaper Kathimerini, the Japanese newspaper Securitarian, and The Diamond Weekly. He has written ten books.

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