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1980: Massacre in Bologna, 85 dead 6 July 2005
The emotions that cruel terrorist attacks can generate are not good advice for a moment of reflection. In the past, this kind of attacks plunged Europe into mourning. It happened in Bologna (Italy) in 1980 and in Moscow in 1999. In both cases, the claiming of responsibility for the attacks was false and the people accused were not guilty. In this kind of investigation, all hypotheses have to be analyzed seriously, even the most incredible ones, like that of the “tension strategy”. The Italian example showed that it was the very Italian state, supported by NATO, who directed the attacks to create a confrontation between the Italian people and the Communists. Today, it is useless to resort to the specter of the “red danger”. However, there is the “Islamic danger”. Thus far, there is nothing that allows favoring this (...)