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What is Voltaire Network?

Founded by French intellectual Thierry Meyssan, Voltaire Network International is a web of non-aligned press groups dedicated to the analysis of international relations.

Originating from diversified political, social and cultural backgrounds, the members of Voltaire Network collectively adhere to the principles of the 1955 Bandung Conference:

1. Respect for fundamental human rights and for the purposes and principles of the charter of the United Nations
2. Respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all nations
3. Recognition of the equality of all races and of the equality of all nations large and small
4. Abstention from intervention or interference in the internal affairs of another country
5. Respect for the right of each nation to defend itself, singly or collectively, in conformity with the the United Nations Charter
6. (a) Abstention from the use of arrangements of collective defence to serve any particular interests of the big powers
(b) Abstention by any country from exerting pressures on other countries
7. Refraining from acts or threats of aggression or the use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any country
8. Settlement of all international disputes by peaceful means, such as negotiation, conciliation, arbitration or judicial settlement as well as other peaceful means of the parties own choice, in conformity with the United Nations Charter
9. Promotion of mutual interests and cooperation
10. Respect for justice and international obligations.

Voltaire Network does not aim to promote a particular ideology or a world vision, but to hone the critical thinking of its readers. It places reflection before belief and arguments before convictions.

What is Voltairenet.org’s readership?

In the first quarter 2011, Voltairenet.org received a monthly average of 1 183 312 visits, originating from 619 051 distinct IPs, and spanning 5 714 276 pages (Awstats counting system).

Over half of the visitors live in France, the United States, Mexico and Spain.

- 25% of them are under 34 years of age.
- only 6% are between 35 and 54.
- 69% are older than 55.

More than fifty percent have a University degree.

What is Axis for Peace?

Axis for Peace is an international, anti-imperialist forum organized by Voltaire Network International. It aims at initiating a dialogue between world political leaders and intellectuals who want to reach a common understanding and strategy against imperialism and zionism.
Axis for Peace convened its founding conference in Brussels in November 2005.

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