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Rumsfeld, Donald H.

The 52 Most Dangerous American Dignitaries
The Bush Regime Card Deck
The Bush Regime Card Deck 23 August 2003
A behind the scenes look of the Bush administration reveals a team of cronies, carrying out a "neo-conservative" revolution in total opposition with the History and Values of their country.
George W. Bush seized power with the complicity of the Supreme Court and despite electoral results that were against him; a global citizensurveillance system was set up through the USA Patriot Act; the Army was allowed to intervene in domestic policy; a propaganda machine was set up; the country abdicated its right to self-rule and has launched itself into a series of colonial campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq. What we are witnessing is not simply a change in policies but the emergence of a new regime that threatens Liberty in America and Peace in the rest of the world.
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