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Concerning my interview about the Hermant-Coulibaly affair

In continuity of the interview that he gave to Le Greffier noir about the Hermant-Coulibaly affair, Thierry Meyssan wishes to add the following clarifications

| Damascus (Syria)
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Thierry Meyssan

This interview deals with the Hermant-Coulibaly affair – however, during the course of the interview I touched on certain other subjects without developing my ideas, which may leave an opening for some errors of interpretation.

- I intended to demonstrate that our analysis of the Second World War is founded on false parametres. This was a classic imperialist conflict in which the Nazi project, aimed at the colonisation of Eastern Europe, used the same methods as those employed in the rest of the world. Indeed, it also led to genocides, but this time against Europeans.

- Concerning colonialism, I wanted to emphasize that, despite the brainwashing used in Jules Ferry’s schooling system, French citizens, once they were confronted with the violence of colonisation, often took the side of the colonised peoples. However, I must admit that in metropolitan France, there was never a great anti-imperialist movement .

- Concerning the qualification of the Front National as an « extreme-right party », I believed at first that it associated all the small groups who claimed that society should be organised according to a natural order which would create a hierarchy of men at their birth, and would cultivate the creed of violence. During my enquiry, at the end of the 1990’s, I realised that the problem was more subtle that that, because many members of the FN used to believe, but no longer believed, in an ontological hierarchy of human beings, and that other groups were « pacifists » in the meaning used during the Second World War, in other words, cowards and not fascists.

- Concerning Jean-Marie Le Pen and the present Front National, I would have done better to keep my mouth shut, because my comments were not backed up as firmly as those I had expressed during the period when I lived in France. For my own safety, I had been obliged to avoid travel in the NATO zone since 2007, and only knew about current political life through the press, which is to say very superficially.

- Finally, to get back to our subject, I invite you to read my deposition to the National Assembly in the framework of the Commission for Parliamentary Enquiry on the DPS. This exchange clearly reveals a secret operation, managed by a service of the state via the Front Nationale’s security brigade.

Pete Kimberley

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