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Hidden Torture Centers
The CIA’s Secret Prisons in Europe
The CIA's Secret Prisons in Europe 22 November 2005
During the last four years, the US has carried out various abductions around the world, put its victims into secret centers and tortured them, as the Washington Post has just revealed. Many such illegal prisons were set up in Eastern European countries, including EU member states – the Romanian daily Ziua offers more details on the issue in an article we reprint today.
As we print this material for the consideration of our readers, we have received confirmation of the existence of a CIA prison airplane at the Serihegy airport in Romania.
During the two days of the Axis for Peace 2005 conference, there was an intervention by former MI5 agent David Shayler, Palestinian authority minister Abu Zeida, ambassador Craig Murray – who handed in his resignation at Whitehall in protest against the setting up of a British torture center in Uzbekistan, Mateusz Piskorski – a Polish lawmaker who recently denounced torture before the parliament of his country – and General René Vargas Pazzos (...)