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Saudi daily denies Prince Bandar is dead


The Saudi daily Arab News in its August 4 edition denies the death of Prince Bandar bin Sultan [1]. Arab News is the official mouthpiece of the royal family. It is owned by Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince and Defence Minister of the Kingdom. The author of the article, Ali Bluwi, is an economic journalist and ... a crisis communications consultant to ... Washington.

Arab News claims that the Voltaire Network dispatches [2] were written by Thierry Meyssan, alleged to be close to the Iranian secret services (in turn, La Vanguardia twice affirmed that he is in the pay of defector Syrain General Manaf Tlass, while on Saturday Le Monde characterized him as a "propagandist for the Baathist dictatorship." Instead of responding to his postulations, each of these newspapers has chosen the specter it deemed most appropriate to discredit him.

According to the Saudi daily, Prince Bandar reportedly took part in two formal meetings since his supposed death.

"All websites [interested in the fate of Prince Bandar] are waiting for a denial or confirmation of the reports by the [new] Saudi government. But this is not going to happen and Prince Bandar will not appear unless it is required for political and security reasons. The Iranian and Syrian propaganda and their media outlets will be exposed", continued the newspaper, always under the signature of the consultant in crisis communications.

Arab News mentions the attack on July 26 and the possible death of Mishaal Al-Qani, Prince Bandar’s right-hand man, again without either confirming or denying it.

Taking note of the information relayed by Arab News on the activities of Prince Bandar, Voltaire Network wishes him a speedy recovery and expresses the hope that no formal commitments will crop up to interfere with his convalescence.

[1] "Thierry Meyssan and Prince Bandar bin Sultan," by Ali Bluwi, Arab News, 4 August 2012.

[2] “Syria reportedly eliminated Bandar bin Sultan in retaliation for Damascus bombing", Voltaire Network and “Riyad neither confirms nor denies Prince Bandar’s death”, Voltaire Network29 and 30 July 2012.

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