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Citizens’ arrest
The trial of the man who tried to arrest George W. Bush
by Joshua Blakeney
The trial of the man who tried to arrest George W. Bush Lethbridge (Canada) | 22 May 2010
On March 17, 2009, Mohawk activist Splitting the Sky (STS) attempted a citizens’ arrest on George W. Bush in Calgary (Canada), his first foreign visit as a private citizen without diplomatic immunity. Brutally arrested for his action, STS earned his "day in court" in March 2010 to highlight the hypocrisy of the Canadian Government for allowing Bush into Canada, in breach of its own laws. STS is a compelling example of the duty of citizens to act when our governments and their agents are derelict in their own duty. Former U.S. Attorney-General Ramsey Clark plans to be in Calgary for the June 7 sentencing of STS. Joshua Blakeney believes that Clark’s presence, as well as international public opinion, will mount pressure on the Canadian judiciary who failed to issue an arrest warrant for Bush and who now must decide the fate of (...)
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