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Putin Ultimatum to Turkey’s Erdogan Gets Official Non-Denial Denial, but Is Confirmed by Events

Madman Erdogan Readies Terror Strike Against Russia in Crimea; Turkish-Ukrainian “International Moslem Brigade” Formed with Help of Kiev Foreign Minister Klimkin; Flurry of Speculation about Russian Airborne Divisions to Help Assad in Syria; Turkish Generals Back NATO, Not Erdogan; Has Russian-Turkish Gas Pipeline Been Frozen?; Obama Makes Best Speech of Career in Support of Iran Nuclear Accord; Ridicules Neocon Bullies, but Must Reserve Right to Treat Iran Nuclear Accord as Executive Agreement like FDR’s 1941 Destroyers for Bases Deal; Under US Constitution President, Not Congressional Cottonmouths, Conducts Foreign Policy; Republican Debate Shows any GOP President Will Mean General War, Genocidal Austerity, Collapse of US Work Force; Trump Wrecking Ball and Third Party Threat increase Chances GOP Can Be Destroyed; Rand Paul Fiasco May Doom Libertarian/Austrian Movement in US; Rev. Pinkney Denied Bail by Michigan Appeals Court; #FireAllen4ISIS!

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Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas

Reactionary warmonger Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas exemplifies the GOP’s campaign to sabotage Obama’s landmark nuclear accord with Iran. Cotton has promised that war with Iran would be a cakewalk, victoriously completed in a few days. Cotton was also the initiator of the infamous letter to Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran signed by 47 GOP senators alleging that Obama had no authority to negotiate a nuclear accord. This letter was later described with terms ranging from mutinous to treasonous. Cotton was one of the first GOP demagogues to condemn the proposed accord, even before he had seen the text. Because of freshman Senator Cotton’s leading role in concocting sophistries and obfuscations to use against the accord, the GOP war party is now increasingly referred to on Capitol Hill as the Cottonmouths.

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