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GOP Breakup Goes Forward with Two Dueling Spectacles from Iowa

Is Billionaire News Corp. and Fox Boss Rupert Murdoch Dumping the Shattered Hulk of GOP to Back Hillary Clinton?; FBI Forced by Popular Demand to Put an End to Bundy Gang Reign of Terror in Central Oregon – Now Arrest Kingpins and Institute Zero Tolerance for Armed Gangs; Tax Wall Street Party Repeats Guidance for Iowa and New Hampshire: Stop Trump; Hold Your Nose and Vote for Bernie

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Rupert Murdoch

News Corp. founder and board chairman of News Corp. and Twentieth Century Fox Rupert Murdoch. Some folks may be surprised by an interview in which Rupert Murdoch declares: “I could live with Hillary as president.” Yes, he added, “We have to live with who we get. We don’t have any choice.” But when asked by Fortune magazine whether he could envision himself supporting Hillary Clinton, Murdoch did not laugh off the suggestion: “It would depend on the Republican candidate totally.” The best explanation for the recent Fox News attacks on GOP candidates like Trump, Cruz, and Rubio is that the wily and unscrupulous Murdoch is dumping the moribund and chaotic GOP and placing his bets on Wall Street puppet Hillary Clinton to give him what he wants

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