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More Violence by Trump’s Fascist Thugs at Rallies; Trumka of AFL-CIO Launches Major Union Effort to Shut Down Trump, Citing His Plan to Lower Wages by Attacking Minimum Wage and Union-Busting Zeal Using Taft-Hartley Law; Trump Diagnosed by Experts as Megalomaniac; His Followers Largely Fear-Crazed Authoritarians; Three-Party System of Democrats, Traditional GOP, and Authoritarian-Racist Republicans Is Anticipated; New York Times Falsifies US History of Hamiltonian Dirigism and Tariff Protectionism in Favor of Free-Trade Fable; New America Foundation Writer Wants to Ban Comparisons of Trump to Hitler; Also Claims That “America Can’t Be Great Again”

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Alexander Hamilton

The New York Times is deluded enough to think that the United States has been devoted to free trade for 200 years. In reality, our first Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton of New York was a committed protectionist, mercantilist, and dirigist. He oversaw the creation of the First Bank of the United States, the funding of the US public debt, and fought to make the Tariff of 1789 as protectionist as possible. Henry Clay of Kentucky, the leader of the Whig Party, fought to implement the American System of Political Economy with a revived National Bank, a robust program of national infrastructure, and a protective tariff. Clay was the main mentor of Abraham Lincoln, during whose administration protectionist forces in the new Republican Party led by Congressman Justin Morrill of Vermont raised the tariff to an average of 47%. Morrill was advised by the celebrated Republican economist, Henry Carey of Philadelphia.

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