Smoke continues to billow for the fourth day in a row from many areas of Al-Khaldia, Al-Hamedia, Bab Houd neighborhoods and from Al-Ksair area. Anti-government activists say “these areas were bombed” while pro-government activists say that “the smoke was caused by anti-government activists who burned tires to delude that the neighborhood is being bombed”.

Mortar shells are fired on Om Al-Zennar church in Al-Hamedia neighborhood and pro-government activists accuse radical Islamic militias of firing them.

Colonel Maher Issa is killed and 47 security men get injured during clashes with armed rebels in many areas of Homs.

4 dead Syrian soldiers and 50 injuries, most of them are from the security force, arrive to the military hospital of Homs after clashes took place in Bab Al-Sbaa’, Al-Warshah, Job Al-Jandalie, Karm Shamsham and Al-Kala’a neighborhoods.

Armed rebels bomb a fuel pipeline in Al-Hawla town located in the eastern side of Taldo area in Homs countryside.

A writer and a nurse, who were kidnapped by unknowns asked for a ransom to release them, get liberalized.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and armed militias take place in Kattena village and result in the explosion of 2 weapons’ storages belong to the rebels.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and insurgents take place in Al-Khaldia, Bab Al-Tourkman, Bab Al-Masdoud and Bab Al-Sbaa’ neighborhoods; there are news on 8 injuries.

An armed attack on a security checkpoint located in Al-Ksair area of Homs countryside results in the injury of 3 security men and a civilian.

Crucial clashes take place in Bab Al-Draib neighborhood and result in the arrest of more than 100 gunmen after the security force had surrounded the neighborhood.

Hazem Al-Ali, who is known for his loyalty to the government, is liberalized after he was kidnapped for few days from Al-Nouzha neighborhood.

The so-called “ Bab Al-Draib’s sniper” kills a civilian and injure 4 others in Bab Houd neighborhood because of their loyalty to the government.

7 dead bodies are found; 4 of them in Al-A’dawia gardens and the 3 others in Bab Al-Draib, Al-Fakhoura and Al-Nazheen neighborhoods.

The Syrian newspaper Al-Watan publishes the confessions of gunmen (such as: Ibrahim Al-Nabhan, Abd Al-Baset Haj Mousa and Hosam Abd) who stated that they have organized unlicensed demonstrations, cut off roads and kidnapped soldiers and security men in Homs.

Captain Rabee’ Mahie Hasan and Officer Ali Hmaidoush got killed and number of Syrian soldiers got injured last night due to an ambush set by the so-called “Al-Farouk” battalion.

Armed rebels attack Al-Sa’en village, located in the eastern side of Homs, and shoot randomly which result in the death of Jabr Diab Al-Ibrahim and the injury of another.

Armed rebels kidnap Ahmad Al-Bayaa’ while he was working within a maintenance workshop belonging to Homs connections branch located in Al-Waer neighborhood; others break into houses in the neighborhood, steal some and bomb some others.

Armed rebels kill 2 men, from Kafra village located in Wadi Al-Nasara area of Homs countryside, on Al-Hosen castle’s exit.

Armed rebels attack security checkpoints in Al-Warsheh and Bab Al-Draib neighborhoods and get followed by clashes resulting in injuries from the security force and the arrest of rebels with their weapons.


An attempt carried out by insurgents to enter Syrian, through the borders between Darkoush and Salkeen areas, gets thwart; 2 of them get killed and others get injured.

Naseem Entrerey and Walid Blaidey, journalists from Algerian origin, get killed in Edlib while they were trying to enter Syria illegally.

2 dead security men who were kidnapped by gunmen are found on the international road nearby Al-Daer Al-Sharkey.

The official TV channel: a number of insurgents get arrested and 4 rifles and communication devices are seized in the farms surrounding the Turkish borders in Edlib.

The Syrian Army removes the barricades in Sarakeb area of Edlib countryside and dismantles bombing devices placed in the area.

Anti-government activists talk about a spread of Syrian tanks in Sarakeb area and causalities happen from the Free Army militia.

Anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing Bashar Fateh Kazmouz in Areha town.

The security force dispersed a demonstration in Al-Bara town; no causalities are recorded.

SANA: the wanted Hakam Khattab, Mahmoud Rehawey, Maher Waled Al-Sarfey, Abd Al-Raouf Bareesh and Zakaria Al-Ali get killed, 2 security men get killed and 3 others get injured due to clashes happen in Edlib.

Activists: a person nicknamed “the shade” who connects the so-called “Tansikiat” Facebook pages with the insurgents gets arrested.

Anti-government gatherings occur in Ma’esran, Hass and Ma’rshamsha villages of Edlib countryside.

Media sources: the Syrian Army clashes with gunmen who entered illegally through the borders nearby Al-Za’ainia village in Jeser Al-Shoghour.

The so-called “Tansikiat Edlib” Facebook page posts 4 names of people it says that got killed in Sarmeen and Kafrouma towns today.


Armed rebels announce bombing a soldiers’ carrier in Al-Salama village located in Aleppo outskirt.

Activists:the Syrian Army takes control over A’zaz area and the Free Army militia announces a tactical withdraw from the area.

A bombing device placed by insurgents in Al-Bab village got dismantled last night.

45 gunmen get arrested on this morning in the northern suburb of Aleppo.

A students’ sit-in takes place in the Faculty of Medicine of Aleppo University and the security force dispersed it later on.

Evening anti-government gatherings occur in Hraitan and Al-Bab of Aleppo outskirt; others occur in Al-Soukarey, Al-Halak, Al-Marjeh and Al-Sakhour neighborhoods.


Pro-government activists talk about the explosion of a storage used to produce bombing devices and located in Al-Tawheed mosque in Al-Madeek castle of Hama countryside.

Evening demonstrations occur in Tareek Al-Mala’ab, Janoub Al-Mala’ab and Al-Shaikh A’nbar neighborhoods.

A number of people get arrested in Al-Sabounia neighborhood under the charges of possessing unlicensed guns.

Activists: gunmen get arrested during a raid in Al-Mezrab neighborhood located in Al-Hader area; weapons are also seized.

A bombing device exploded last night nearby a security vehicle in Kharbat Beet Al-Ras village located in Al-Ghab area and resulted in the injury of an Officer and 2 security men.

Anti-government people broadcast a video of the Free Army militia announcing an operation targeted a military vehicle in Al-Madeek castle of Hama countryside.

Aljazeera TV channel says that the Syrian Army is surrounding Al-Madeek castle while pro-government activists say that gunmen had centralized in it and fired mortar shells from it; clashes between the Syrian Army and gunmen continue.


Anti-government gatherings occur in Al-Soura village and A’mouda town of Dara’a countryside.

The Free Army militia states that it has destroyed 3 armored belong to the security force and killed 15 pro-government people in Al-Lajat area.

Evening demonstrations occur in Dara’a Al-Mhatta and Dara’a Al-Balad areas.

Anti-government activists say that gunmen killed Syrian soldiers and injured others in an ambush set in Al-Sanamain area; news on “crucial” clashes between the security force and armed militias take place in Basr Al-Hareer area.

Deir Al-Zour

Anti-government gatherings occur in Al-Kouria town and in Al-Baileh and Al-Hamedia neighborhoods; shooting is heard in Al-Kossour neighborhood.

The Free Army militia attacks the security military building of Daer Al-Zour and there are news on causalities from the security force and the law-enforcement.

An evening anti-government gathering occurs in Al-Hwaika neighborhood and asks the Free Army militia to re-attack the security military building of Daer Al-Zour.

8 people get arrested in Al-Kouria area under no specific charges.

Anti-government activists talk about clashes between the Syrian Army and the Free Army militia in Albo Kamal area.


Turkey temporarily closes its embassy in Damascus while its Consulate in Aleppo remains open to provide services for the Turks in Syria.

Extinguish of fire broke out in a room of the informatics branch of Immigration and Passports located in Baramkeh neighborhood; only material damages are recorded.

The Turkish ministry of foreign affairs denies an news on a Syrian plane landed and crashed on the Turkish properties.

A pro-government gathering occurs in Al-Sabe Bahrat square.

Funerals of 5 soldiers and security men initiate from Tashreen and Zahi Azrak military hospitals of Damascus and Lattakia

Pro-government activists deny what Al-Arabiya Net website page posted about bombing Al-Salhia neighborhood and broadcast videos of the neighborhood and interviews with the residents.

A funeral turns into an anti-government gathering in Rouk Al-Deen neighborhood and anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing the victim.

Damascus Countryside

Anas Al-A’bbar, Mohammad Sha’aib, Abd Al-Majeed Al-Hao, Rasheed Yahya and A’mer Khashfa from Daraya area got released last night.

The Free Army militia says that it has killed Officer Rabee’ Abd Allah Ramadan in Daraya area and posts a video.

Mohammad O’mar Al-Bwaidatey and Ehsan Mohammad Al Rshey’s funerals turn into anti-government gatherings in Douma area and the security force get blamed on their death.

The Syrian Army units withdraw from Al-Zabadani area to its outskirt.

Funeral of 13 victims takes place in Douma and turns into a demonstration of hundreds; anti-government activists say that the victims are members of the Free Army militia who died during clashes with the Syrian Army.

Evening demonstrations occur in Al-Tal area and in Barzeh and Al-Kaboun neighborhoods.

A security spread appears in Joubar and Zamalka areas and anti-government activists talk about the existence of 5 Syrian tanks in Masraba area.


Activists: a sound bomb is heard nearby Hsain Al-Baher town located on Tartous - Banyas highway; no causalities are recorded.