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Contents of N°81 - 5 April 2024


• 0865 The Von Der Leyen case


• 0866 Canada ’horrified’ by bombing of World Central Kitchen aid workers
• 0867 Congress calls on President Joe Biden to testify
• 0868 Americans no longer support Israel
• 0869 Pentagon supplies Israel with bombs that destroy the Gaza Strip
• 0870 U.S. worried about complicity in genocide
• 0871 Joe Biden ’outraged and heartbroken’ by death of US aid worker
• 0872 According to CBS, Havana syndrome is a Russian attack
• 0873 CNN wants NATO or AUKUS to protect Hawaii
• 0874 U.S. will not assist Russia in investigation of Crocus City Hall terror attack
• 0875 SouthCom and CIA set up shop in Guyanese Essequibo


• 0876 Pope Francis’ Easter address
• 0877 UK may be complicit in genocide
• 0878 UK government warned of complicity in genocide by 600 legal experts
• 0879 IDF attacks Sky News offices in Gaza
• 0880 Rishi Sunak and the Death of World Central Kitchen Workers
• 0881 By condemning the 17 October 1961 massacre in Paris the French National Assembly would like to condemn France
• 0882 Where we talk about Édith Bouvier again
• 0883 The Canary Islands come to the rescue of the former Spanish Sahara
• 0884 Huge scandal in Germany: IRK protocols prove that the Covid 19 panic was organized without any scientific basis
• 0885 German Commission Justifies State’s Right to Restrict Individual Freedoms
• 0886 Poland withdraws from the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe
• 0887 Donald Tusk warns of return to war in Poland
• 0888 Polish-Israeli incident
• 0889 Romania plans to go to war with Russia
• 0890 Finland signs Security Treaty with Ukraine
• 0891 Huge costs for Western companies that left Russia


• 0892 Human Rights Watch accuses Russian-aided Mali of summary executions


• 0893 Israel acknowledges famine in Gaza but denies responsibility
• 0894 Israel will reveal the whole truth about the deaths of World Central Kitchen aid workers
• 0895 Israel’s High Court sees no reason to declare Netanyahu unfit for office
• 0896 Israel Attacks Families of Hamas Leaders
• 0897 Anti-Netanyahu protest in Jerusalem
• 0898 Benjamin Netanyahu wants to increase arms production
• 0899 Tel Aviv police call for investigation against MK Naama Lazimi
• 0900 Families of hostages against Benjamin Netanyahu
• 0901 Knesset authorizes 120-day ban on visits by lawyers to Arab prisoners
• 0902 Knesset authorizes censorship of foreign media
• 0903 The Jewish diaspora’s support for the Jewish state
• 0904 Israeli police allow Arab protest
• 0905 New Government of the Palestinian Authority
• 0906 Hamas accuses Israel of stalling negotiations
• 0907 Israeli bombing of the Iranian consulate in Damascus
• 0908 United Arab Emirates outraged by bombing of World Central Kitchen
• 0909 Hamas and Islamic Jihad received by Ayatollah Khamenei
• 0910 Taliban expel Gulbuddin Hekmatyar
• 0911 Ukraine fails to break Indo-Russian alliance
• 0912 Imran Khan’s release moves forward
• 0913 Philippines prepares to retaliate against China
• 0914 Malaysia arrests Israeli spy


• 0915 Russia vetoes resolution against North Korea
• 0916 UN Security Council still fails to put the Yugoslav war on its agenda
• 0917 António Guterres worried about the consequences of Israeli bombing of an Iranian diplomatic mission