Situated atop a rocky outcrop overlooking the Dead Sea, the Roman fortress of Masada was occupied by the Jewish sect of the Sicarii. The Roman legions laid siege to it in 73 AD. They built a huge ramp to gain access. But by the time they entered, the Sicars had collectively committed suicide, putting an end to the Jewish-Roman war. Today, it is in these ruins that Israeli armoured, paratroop and air force officers come to pronounce their oath: "No, the chain is not broken on the inspired summit. Never again will Masada fall!"

It is highly unlikely that Khazar Prime Minister Netanyahu, now with his back against the wall, will respect the resolution for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza [1].

Netanyahu barricades himself behind the Masada syndrome and uses the clamour of 90% of the Israeli population calling for the extermination of Hamas, regardless of "collateral damage" (sic), which translates into a Palestinian apocalypse, perfectly contrary to the three principles of international humanitarian law: discernment, proportionality and precaution [2].

Three years after the fall of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., Masada was the last stronghold where the extremist Sicarii sect succumbed (hence the designation of hitmen as "Sicarii"), i.e. the Zealots in Judea, besieged by the troops of the Emperor Titus.

Netanyahu, the Polish-born Khazar Prime Minister, who has nothing to do with real Semitic Jews, is putting the Masada syndrome back into practice one thousand nine hundred and fifty-five years later, in response to the overwhelming clamour of the universal humanist conscience of peoples and states.

What a striking resemblance between the Zealots of 73 AD and their neo-colonialist emulators Ben Gvir, Minister of Security (sic), and Smotrich, Netanyahu’s Minister of Finance!

Massada syndrome gripped Netanyahu’s cabinet when his Chancellor Israel Katz, overriding UN Security Council Resolution 2728, declared "the State of Israel will not cease fire. We will destroy Hamas and continue to fight until all the hostages are repatriated" [3].

The International Court of Justice, so far inoperative after nearly six months of Dantean genocide, has enjoined Israel to urgently facilitate (sic) the entry of humanitarian aid (sic) into the Gaza Strip [“The provisional measures of the International Court of Justice”, by Thierry Meyssan, Translation Roger Lagassé, Voltaire Network, 30 January 2024.]], blocked by sky, sea and land, where food war rages with famine, thirst and disease.

According to the Times, close to the British globalist monarchy and Israel, the blockade of humanitarian aid (sic) to Gaza is a serious strategic error by Israel, as it is already being perceived by world opinion as a deliberate attempt to starve the besieged Palestinians.

Special Rapporteur Francesca Albanese opened a polemic with French President Emmanuel Macron following his commemoration of the victims of the October 7 massacre, which he had described as "the greatest anti-Semitic massacre of our century". She reminded him that they had not died "because of their Judaism, but in reaction to Israel’s oppression". The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the special rapporteur’s remark. She argued that to assert that the victims’ deaths were the result of anti-Semitism "obscures their true cause".

In unison, Francesca Albanese, UN Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, in her report, Anatomy of a Genocide, accused Israel and "calls on States to respect their obligations and impose an arms embargo. And sanctions against Israel (...) When genocidal intent is as visible, as ostentatious as it is in Gaza, we cannot turn a blind eye; in the face of genocide, we have a duty to prevent and punish it" [4].

Elijah J. Magnier declares that "Israel is gearing up for the international response to Gaza beyond the battlefield" [5] with a tsunami of prosecutions reminiscent of the disturbing findings of the Goldstone Commission, also on behalf of the UN, which investigated Israel’s atrocities, including war crimes, in the previous Gaza war 15 years ago [6].

Anatomy of a Genocide, by Francesca Albanese, finds that Israel committed three specific acts (under the UN Charter) of genocide: murdering members of the targeted group, causing them severe mental and physical damage, and intentionally creating conditions for the group’s destruction, in addition to the massive destruction of Gaza’s infrastructure, including hospitals and farmland, with the arrest and alleged torture of thousands (sic) of Palestinian men and boys.

Francesca Albanese sees the current situation as an escalation of the long-standing process of colonization, and erasure (sic), a new Nakba in progress, referring to the mass expulsion of Palestinians following the creation of Israel in 1948.

Elijah J. Magnier reports that Israel has categorically rejected the findings of Francesca Albanese’s destructive Report as an "obscene (sic) reversal of reality". Classic Masada syndrome!

Roger Lagassé