The UN Security Council on November 21 unanimously adopted resolution 1639 extending the mandate of the European Union’s stabilization force (EUFOR) in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) for another year.

Notably, this Council decision coincided with the 10th anniversary of the initialing of the General Framework Agreement for Peace in BiH. In the course of the implementation of the Agreement the consequences of the war have for the most part been overcome, the conditions provided for the return of refugees and internally displaced persons to their places of prewar residence and the mechanisms launched for the harmonization of interethnic relation.

The Russian side expects that the further stationing of EUFOR under the mandate issued by the Security Council will contribute to greater stability in Bosnia and Herzegovina, help consolidate the time-confirmed positive achievements resulting from the Peace Agreement, and facilitate strengthening trust and forging constructive cooperation between the state-forming peoples, who have to determine the destiny of the country.

For its part, the Russian Federation affirms readiness to continue assisting comprehensively the peace process in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the strengthening of security in the Balkans as a whole.

Ref: 2476-22-11-2005