The elections held yesterday in Palestinian territories will certainly mark the history of militancy of a whole nation. It’s been the greatest event since the amazing return of Abu Amar, «Yasser Arafat», and his men to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in 1994.
With the exception of the Islamic Jihad, all the elements of Palestine’s political life showed, in a mature way, that Abu Mazen’s people have taken concrete steps in its struggle for liberation.
The last ten years have been painful and could have led Palestinians to miss this historical moment for, above all, Ariel Sharon did his best to weaken its will. From now on, the message to Israeli leaders is that they must recognize the right of this people to have their independent state.
After 20 years in the political life, Hamas realized that it had to change its «aggressive» policy and join the other political actors that wanted a peaceful life. Consequently, the movement will participate from beginning to end in the establishment of the institutions the country needs.
But this movement still refuses to accept that it was forced to change its political line to participate in this elections. A possible victory of Hamas in the elections would allow it to be part of the Legislative Council without refusing to join the Palestinian Authority. If the movement wins, however, it will have no choice but to adopt the same policy of its predecessor, Al Fatah. In case a national union government could not be formed, the least to be done would be the promotion of a climate of cooperation and, above all, respect between the government and the future opposition.


«الانتخابات الفلسطينية: حتى لا تضيع الفرصة الجديدة كما ضاعت فرص سابقة..!», by Saleh Alkallab, Asharqalawsat, January 26, 2006.