A strange episode took place this week in Buenos Aires. A huge radio tower that housed three FM stations collapsed on an area belonging to Argentina’s Security Ministry for, still, uncertain reasons.

A local TV news channel, that is also the owner of two of those FM stations, broadcasted a video where two allegedly Israeli citizens were identified holding a cell phone conversation in Hebrew and talking about a clandestine antenna, which they refer to as “our antenna”.

While these two men were allowed into the national government’s facilities, the images show how an official vehicle of the government of Buenos Aires was turned back because the place had been sealed off.

’Israeli agents operate in Argentina’ par presstv

Political analyst Adrian Salbuchi explains that the video allows assuming that Israeli intelligence agents are operating in this country.

Could this be then analyzed as a sign of controlling Zionist Interests in Argentina? According to Mr. Salbuchi, Israel organizations have enormous advantage in Argentine politics, media and lifestyles, which could have tracked back to the times of the founder of the Zionist movement, Theodor Herzl.

A report on anti-Semitism disclosed by the University of Buenos Aires this week also aroused controversy regarding the influence of Israeli organizations in Argentina. While the study describes a scenario with stigmatizing images of the Jewish people that “enables the way to prejudice and discrimination”, analysts state that there is no religious discrimination among the Argentine community.

The question of Israeli lobbies and their influence in Argentina also hit headlines back in September when leaders of the Jewish community showed their strong disapproval on President Fernandez decision to accept Iran’s call to hold “constructive dialogue” regarding the investigation of the 1994 AMIA bombing attack.

Source: PressTV