Arseni Yatsenyuk denied belonging to the Church of Scientology. However, there is evidence that the coup-instaured Ukrainian Prime Minister, and member of the Trilateral Commission, resided in California where he met in 2009 the secretive leader of the cult, David Miscavige. "Yats" reportedly joined the organization during his association with the Aval Bank, in 2005, and became a senior member of the cult reaching a position known as "OT-6" (Operative Thetan Level 6).

Andrej Kiska denied belonging to the Church of Scientology and filed a criminal libel complaint against his challenger, Prime Minister Robert Fico. However, the billionaire and forthcoming President of the Slovak Republic had the managers of his companies undergo training provided by the Hubbard School of Administration and the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE). His biography, Take life into your own hands, was published by Scientologist businessman and publisher, Ladislav Pavlik, who also wrote the preface.

The Charge of the Scientology Brigade”, by Wayne Madsen, Strategic Culture Foundation, 1 April 2014.