The "Israeli Defense Forces" (sic) warn Gaza residents of impending air strikes on their neighborhood. The people leave everything behind and seek shelter wherever they can. Sometimes in buildings administered by the United Nations (UNRWA).

"IDF" tanks then roll in to attack them again and push them back further.

On 25 July 2014 (that is to say 43 days after the kidnapping of three young Israelis, blamed by the Netanyahu government on Hamas without any evidence and solely claimed by the Islamic Emirate [1]), the "IDF" declared 44% of the Gaza Strip uninhabitable.

More than 1.5 million people are crammed in the 158 km² that Israel has not attacked. Density, which nears 10 000 people per km², is the highest in the world.

Initially launched by General Moshe Yaalon, who became defense minister, to "uproot Hamas" [2], the operation could switch objective. One faction of Israeli leaders is determined to put an end to the Palestinian problem by expelling the majority of the population to Egypt and Jordan and partially or totally annexing Gaza [3]. If this faction carries the day in Tel Aviv, Israel could therefore easily attach 44% of the Gaza Strip as of today.

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