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«Current Concerns», n°13, June 12, 2019
Towards extradition of Julian Assange
330. Towards extradition of Julian Assange Zurich (Switzerland) | 18 June 2019
VIPS: Extradition of Julian Assange threatens us all, Memorandum for the governments and people of the United Kingdom and the United States from Veteran Intelligence Professional for Sanity (VIPS) / What future for Brexit?, by Nicola Ferronato / The “good guys”, the “bad guys” and the war. A brief review of the EU parliamentary elections, by Karl Müller / How political culture suffers in Germany / Squaring the circle. Parliamentary commissions call for additional negotiations on Framework Agreement with EU, by Marianne Wüthrich / Border cantons demand reinforcement of Border Guard Corps / Switzerland has not become safer by Schengen, Interview with Barbara Keller-Inhelder / The Swiss militia system – a historical outline, by René Roca / ETH study – Neutrality at all-time high / Children and youth and direct democracy, by Rita Brügger / Power outage in Switzerland – big emergency exercise in Austria / A new reading book for family and school. Awaking joy of reading – With what and how?, by (...)
«Current Concerns», n°12, May 31, 2019
The Assange Affair
329. The Assange Affair Zurich (Switzerland) | 5 June 2019
“Whistleblowers like Julian Assange are the heroes of our time” / “Unfortunately, it is my belief that Julian Assange will not see a fair trial”, Excerpts from an appeal by Mairead Maguire / UN Special Rapporteur on Privacy seriously concerned by Ecuador’s behaviour in Assange and Moreno cases / UN Special Rapporteur on Torture says “collective persecution” of Julian Assange must end now / UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention expresses concern about Assange proceedings / Not only agriculture ends with the destruction of the peasantry, by Heinrich Wohlmeyer / Sovereignty at the service of peoples. Samir Amin – Perspectives for Africa’s independent development / Tremendous effects of the EU internal market? Bertelsmann policy paper confirms: The gap between EU countries is becoming ever wider, by Marianne Wüthrich / Building a residence with processing room and farm shop. Closer to Queen and Bear, by Max Hugentobler / Young people in Berne are championing the mountain villages / Freedom of (...)
«Current Concerns», n°9, April 17, 2019
The Belgrade Peace Conference
326. The Belgrade Peace Conference Zurich (Switzerland) | 18 April 2019
“Stop confrontation, start dialogue!” Successful Belgrade Conference “Never forget – peace and prosperity instead of wars and poverty”, Interview with Živadin Jovanovi / Belgrade Declaration – Never to Forget: 1999 – 2019 (Excerpts) / Sanja – a greeting to the conference / “We need peace, so we should join forces, we should carry this in our hearts”. Voices from the Belgrade Conference, by Eva-Maria Föllmer-Müller / Uranium ammunition contaminates the world. A new book about a weapon that was a taboo issue over many years, by Gabriella Hunziker / Contemplating Germany. Listening and talking to each other, by Karl Müller / Johann Gottfried Herder. A fierce opponent of colonialism, cultural arrogance and racism, by Moritz Nestor / Brexit – Lessons to Switzerland. Great Britain and Switzerland are ready for free cooperation between sovereign states, by Marianne Wüthrich / “I am still grateful to Swiss Mountain Aid today”. Gstaad/BE: Construction of a new stable, recorded by Max Hugelshofer / Equal (...)