Jeddah - In the apprehension of the importance of the formulation of a democratic Constitution which will satisfy the expectations of all the components of the population of Iraq, and moving from the fact that the drafting of a constitution in Iraq has implications not only inside Iraq but also for the regional stability and peace, the General Secretariat of the Organization of the Islamic Conference has been closely following the efforts to draft a new Constitution in Iraq.

While praising the joint efforts which resulted in achieving considerable progress, in the light of the recent developments, the General Secretariat would like to voice its concern that the adoption of a Constitution which would not enjoy the full support of all Iraqis would be detriment to the efforts to establish the atmosphere of lasting peace, stability and democracy in Iraq and would not serve to the maintenance of harmony among the different groups of the Iraqi society.

The General Secretariat, at this important historical junction which offers the chance of a better future for the people of Iraq, deems it necessary to strongly appeal to all parties concerned to act in a wise, prudent and responsible manner in order to open new horizons for the happiness and prosperity of their people instead of sowing the seeds of future internal disagreements and conflicts. It firmly believes that exclusion of any component of the population of Iraq from the process of decision making on the future of the country would not serve to the creation of commonly desired conditions for democracy, stability, peace and welfare in this important member of the OIC.