It’s not a secret: democrats in Congress are very divided with regard to what should be done about the Iraqi war. Joseph I. Lieberman vigorously supports the stay of the troops in the country whereas John Murtha fights for their quick withdrawal. Many democrats find themselves in the middle of these points of view and try to find a happy medium: to keep the troops for a while and then leave.
This is the reason why centrist democrats must propose an agreement to the Bush Administration: democrats will support the Bush Administration in Congress for six months with regard to the way in which war should be handle and, in return, the Bush Administration promises to give more information about they way in which it’s handled. This does not mean democrats won’t be critic but we won’t legislate to put an end to the war during this period of time. In return, we want to have a real control of Congress about the security policy. A bipartisan commission about Iraq guaranteeing a balanced information must be created. What we understand by “victory” in Iraq must be defined too.
The acceptance of our proposal will be good for the country.

Los Angeles Times (United States)

Calling a truce in D.C.’s Iraq war”, by Leon Fuerth, Los Angeles Times, January 10, 2006.